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Acquire skills for a career and professional certification
Complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Southern New Hampshire University and be well-equipped for accounting and accounting-related careers. In addition to positions in public accounting and private industry, your training can lead to career opportunities at government agencies, hospitals, social service agencies, education systems, and in the international arena, to name a few. You also will be well-prepared for a variety of professional certifications, such as certified public accountant (CPA) and certified management accountant (CMA).

Your accounting and core curriculum studies at SNHU will help you develop knowledge and skills that will allow you to make an immediate contribution in the workplace. Your course work and its real-world applications will give you an understanding of and expertise in:

  • accounting procedures
  • accounting regulations and ethics
  • information technology
  • written and oral communication
  • teamwork
  • problem-solving

Put your knowledge to work
With your SNHU accounting degree in hand, you will have a wide range of career options. SNHU professors are also able to provide an inside perspective on potential careers, as they work in many of the accounting fields themselves. Employment for accounting majors is growing faster than the average of all other occupations, with an average starting salary nearing $50,000. SNHU’s extensive in-state alumni system can provide excellent connections during your job search.

Your background in accounting principles and practices can give you professional opportunities in:

Public Accounting
auditing, environmental accounting, forensic accounting, international accounting, personal financial planning, tax work

Corporate Accounting
budget analysis, cost accounting, financial reporting and management, internal auditing, tax planning

Government Agencies
auditing, budget analysis, financial reporting and management, research

Nonprofit Institutions
accounting, budgeting, financial planning, internal auditing, handling, recordkeeping

Build on your knowledge and experience
Your bachelor’s degree in accounting from Southern New Hampshire University prepares you to further your studies - right out of school or after some time in the working world - through our master’s degree in accounting. This includes a certificate program in the relatively new field of Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination. This four-course Forensic Accounting Program - geared to accounting and finance professionals with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or business - can be completed in 12 months. This is one of only a few such programs in the country and is the only one in New England.

Career Information and Resources

Discover the latest news in the accounting field and access helpful resources on a range of accounting topics at the following web links recommended by Southern New Hampshire University accounting department faculty:

American Institute of CPAs

Internal Revenue Service

Institute of Management Accountants

NH Society of Certified Public Accountants

NH Society of Accountants

Commerce Clearing House

Research Institute of America

Government Finance Officers Association

International Financial Reporting Standards

University Accreditation

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