Curriculum - Business Administration (BS)

Prepare for a successful business career

Gain a solid background in leadership, communication, accounting, behavioral dynamics, and quantitative analysis during your business administration degree studies at Southern New Hampshire University. These business and management skills, coupled with those developed in SNHU's core bachelor's degree courses, help you prepare for a successful management career.

You can expand your business skills further with a minor in another business discipline such as accounting, international business, marketing, operations management or organizational leadership. Building on your strong foundation in management studies and practices can further enhance your employment opportunities.

Theoretical knowledge and practical experience

Learn about the latest business topics and practices from SNHU business faculty who are grounded in the real world and bring plenty of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to class. You are encouraged to be an active participant in the learning process in the classroom and in the community.

The industry is very broadly defined for business administration majors, and graduates have a wide range of career options. Businesses of all sizes and types seek employees with degrees in business administration to move into entry-level and mid-level managerial and supervisory positions.

When students combine their business administration major with a minor in another business discipline, they add to their already solid managerial base and further enhance their employment opportunities.

Students can earn a BS in Business Administration in just three years without taking evening, weekend or summer classes.

Required Core Courses

General Education Program

Business Administration Major Courses

OL-211: Human Resource Management
This course examines the fundamentals of policies and administration. Major tasks of procedures and developing, maintaining and utilizing an effective team are studied. Students are introduced to international human resource management. Offered every semester.
OL-215: Principles of Management
This course is designed to examine the fundamentals and principles of management in order to develop an understanding of management in any formal organization. Special attention is paid to planning and decision-making. International management is also covered. Offered every semester. Writing Intensive Course.
UC: ENG-10, ENG-120, ENG-121H or ENG-200; ADB-125
OL-326: Social Environment of Business
This course examines the interrelationships among business, government and society and how these relationships evolve over time and shape our world. Through the use of readings, cases, and class discussions, students will examine a variety of important topics impacting the global business environment, including business power, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, regulation, multinational corporations, globalization, pollution and environmental quality. A key focus is on the historical origins of the tensions amongst wealth, virtue, and business and society in developed and developing nations and economies. Global marker. Junior standing or permission of instructor.
OL-342: Organizational Behavior
This course focuses on the primary factors that influence behavior in organizations. Emphasis is placed on leadership, group dynamics, inter- group dynamics, organizational structure and design, change, culture, power and politics, environment and technology and organizational behavior in an international context. Offered every year. Writing and team intensive course. Junior standing or permission of instructor.
ADB-125 or OL-125 Junior prereg status

FIN ELE - Students may select a Finance elective
OL ELE - Students may select one 300 or 400-level Organizational Leadership elective
*BUS-307 can satisfy a 300-level OL elective 

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