Outcomes - Liberal Arts (AA)

During your associate’s degree course work in liberal arts at Southern New Hampshire University, you will have an opportunity to develop skills that will be of great value - both in the workplace and in furthering your education. Your exposure to a broad range of topics and varied course work will help you develop the following skills:

  • Communication: Communicate effectively through written, oral and visual forms of communication
  • Critical Thinking: Analyze situations and issues through a thoughtful, evaluative process
  • Analytical: Become familiar with math and science concepts based in theoretical and real-world applications
  • Problem-Solving: View and analyze problems from multiple angles to make well-reasoned decisions
  • Research: Conduct primary and secondary research to examine an issue or support a thesis orally and in writing
  • Creativity: Expand your creative skills to develop new ways of approaching issues or completing projects 
  • Lifelong Learning: Develop a lifelong intellectual curiosity by expanding your knowledge of a range of issues and topics and your desire to continue learning
  • Global Perspective: Understand major historical and current events around the world that have shaped today’s global structure
  • Teamwork: Gain a deeper understanding of group dynamics and develop the interpersonal skills of an effective team member

Your liberal arts degree studies at SNHU University provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that you can continue to build on throughout life.

Additional Career Resources for an AA in Liberal Arts

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University Accreditation

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