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Earn your BA in middle school mathematics education at Southern New Hampshire University and be prepared for a career teaching math in grades five through eight.

Our program was created specifically for those wishing to teach middle school math. Unlike most math education programs, the curriculum does not just pair math courses and tack on education courses. Instead, our courses integrate math and education specifically for prospective teachers. For example, you won’t take an abstract algebra course intended for math majors; you’ll take Algebra for Teachers.

There is a great demand for middle school math teachers.

Program Benefits:

  • Leads to state of New Hampshire teacher certification, which is reciprocal in most states.
  • Not just for “math whizzes.”
  • Being specifically trained in middle school math teaching gives graduates an edge for teaching positions.
  • Students begin getting field experience freshman year:
  • Gain at least 100 hours of real experience over four years.
  • Act as “math buddy” tutors, participate in family math nights at area schools, observe and assist math teachers and more.


Middle school math education faculty include math and education experts who focus on helping students understand and excel at math and teaching math.

For example, Dr. Megan Paddack’s dissertation study was focused on middle school math teachers, and she has years of experience teaching practicing teachers. Professor Pamela Cohen has been teaching high school and college math for 40 years and has a reputation among students for “taking the mystery out of math.”

Students will also learn from other faculty members with years of experience teaching at the middle school, high school and college levels.

Licensure Information

This program is approved by the New Hampshire State Department of Education for Teacher Certification as leading to an initial teacher’s license or endorsement in New Hampshire.  Southern New Hampshire University cannot guarantee licensure, certification, endorsement, or salary benefits.  View disclosure information.

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