College Unbound@SNHU E-Portfolio

Applicants will create a ''blog'' (e-portfolio) using the Blogger website, a free and relatively user-friendly tool.

Please keep in mind that this is a basic sample designed to help you see how you can format your admission portfolio. You can be as creative as you would like when designing your page, as long as we are able to easily locate the required information.

Your e-portfolio should include the following headings or pages and associated information:


Briefly introduce yourself.

Academic Journey

Provide a description of how your work has improved over your academic career. Which academic achievements are you most proud of and why?
  • In this section, sharing samples of your work is optional but not required. Include them if you feel it will help us better understand your journey. You can upload documents to your portfolio using Google Docs. Provide links to access the documents. Any type of document can be uploaded.


  Tell us about your activities & passions. What activities have you participated in that have been most important to you? Why were they important to you? What excites you and lights you up (academically, professionally, or personally). Use any mode of expression (essay, poem, video, lyrics, etc.)


Please write an essay response to the following:

  • Why college Unbound? Why now? What do you want to accomplish through this experience?


Please, create a video of yourself in which you try to persuade the admissions committee of something. The video must be no longer than three minutes.

Upload the video to YouTube. Either embed the video into your portfolio or insert the link on the video page of your blog portfolio.

Submitting the E-Portfolio

In order for us to view the portfolio please do the following:
1. Log in to your blog and click the link to ''Settings'' in the left column. Under Settings, the word ''Basic'' should be highlighted as well in orange font.

2. Under ''Basic'', you will see ''Title'', ''Description'' and ''Privacy''.

  • Click the ''Edit'' link next to Privacy and make sure ''no'' is marked for both questions and hit the save button.
3. Continuing under ''Basic'', go to the ''Permissions'' section
  • To the right of ''Blog Readers'' click ''Edit''
  • To ensure there are no issues reviewing your blog please be sure to check ''Anybody'' and hit the save button.
  • If you are concerned that some of the information is private and you want to secure your blog, click ''Only these readers'' and add as a reader. Please note that if you use this ''secure'' option, invitations often expire and the College Unbound staff may have to request that you resend the link if it expires.
4. Copy and paste the URL for your blog into the body of an email and send it to:
  • If you choose to secure your blog, when adding as a reader, an invitation will automatically get sent.

For admission questions or questions about your application, please email Christine Blais,

College Unbound@SNHU
Christine Blais, M.S
Program Coordinator, College Unbound @ SNHU
Phone: 603.626.9100 , ext 3331
Fax: 603.644.3181