International Admission Requirements

Step 1.

Apply Online 

Step 2.

Pay $40.00 USD Application Fee
Applications will not be processed and documents will not be accepted until the Application Fee is paid.

Step 3.

Submit Official Documents
Please submit the following documents:

Step 3A.

Official Diplomas and Transcripts
Submit originals or official copies (attested or notarized) of degrees, diplomas, or certificates. Documents must include an official transcript with record of courses and grades/marks received.

All documents need to be sent to:
International Admissions
2500 North River Road
Manchester, NH 03106, USA

Please note that an application is not complete until all official documents have been received. Scanned copies directly from students are not accepted.

Undergraduate (Bachelor): Applicants must have the equivalent of a US High School Diploma with a minimum grade point average (GPA) equivalent to 2.5 on a US 4.0 grading scale.

Graduate (Master): Applicants must have the equivalent of a US bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade point average (GPA) equivalent to 2.75 on a US 4.0 grading scale.

Step 3B.

Students must provide evidence of English proficiency by one of the following options:

Undergraduate Graduate
Test Minimum Score Test Minimum Score
PTE 54 PTE 58
ELS 112 ELS 112
EF C1 EF C2-1
Michigan 85 Michigan 90
ASC English: Completion ASC English: Completion (+GLS)

Students from non-English speaking countries with no proof of English proficiency, or scores below the minimum requirement, will be enrolled in the ESL program prior to their degree program.

Step 3C.

Proof of Financial Support
Official document demonstrating the ability to cover the financial obligation of studying in the US for the first year.

Minimum Requirement:

Program Minimum/Year
Undergraduate (Bachelor) $44,000
Graduate (Master) $36,000
ESL (English) $13,000
Study Abroad (one semester) $22,000

Step 3D.

A color copy of current passport biography page.

Step 4.

Admission Review
Once the application file is complete the admission review will take 2-4 weeks. Please contact your regional representative for status updates.

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International Admission

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