On-Campus Recruiting Participation

The Career Development Center (CDC) welcomes you and your company to join our On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) fall and/or spring programs!

As an employer, part of your success depends upon hiring the right people and those people just may be SNHU students who are about to graduate or alumni. By participating in OCR, not only will the CDC advertise your company’s appearance on campus, it will also allow you to pre-screen candidates, utilize our conference rooms for interviewing and help your company recruit the best SNHU students. To begin the process, your company must be registered on our online database SNHU Recruit.

Our academic programs include Associate, Bachelor and Graduate degrees in a variety of majors within the Schools of Business, Education, Liberal Arts, Hospitality and Community Economic Development. If you are interested in our OCR program or would like more information, please contact Patricia.

The CDC looks forward to hearing from you and your company.