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With majors in business, arts & sciences, education and the culinary arts, Southern New Hampshire University graduates are prepared and ready to make immediate contributions to your organization. At SNHU, instruction focuses on innovation and incorporates a learning environment that encourages experiential education. By cultivating connections between the classroom and community, we believe there are no limits to what our students can achieve.

Building a strong partnership with the Career Development Center is the first step in identifying and recruiting our talent. The Career Development team works with employers to better understand each organization's unique needs. Our experienced staff also works with students through their academic experience to deliver customized career programs that prepare students compete in a constantly changing environment.

Our goal is simple: facilitate relationships between employers and students and match career opportunities with the best candidates Southern New Hampshire University has to offer. We look forward to creating valuable connections and becoming successful partners.

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SNHU Career Services: College of Online and Continuing Education

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