Why Study Education at SNHU?

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Cathy Stavenger
The curriculum
In Southern New Hampshire University's School of Education, we base our classes, our programs and our degrees on our Conceptual Frameworks:
  • Theory into Practice: The School of Education is committed to preparing students who turn theory into practice through application of learned strategies and innovative technologies. We recognize the complex dynamics of the human experience and will strive to be sensitive and responsive to the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of those we serve. 
  • Reflective Practitioners: The School of Education is committed to developing reflective practitioners who are self aware, intellectually curious, and dedicated to the improvement of practice through continuous professional growth. We aspire to model respect for diversity, critical thinking, and service to community.
  • Leadership & Professionalism: The School of Education is committed to developing leadership and professionalism. We serve the community and promote innovative advocacy through collaboration and a shared vision of  success.

Field Experience in the School of Education

You'll be in the classroom your first semester, and you'll get a varied experience, not just in one area. SNHU makes it easy and coordinates the field experience opportunities.Certification students, you will have 100 hours of field experience before you start student teaching. More...

Culminating Experiences in the School of Education

All degree programs offered through the School of Education include culminating experiences that provide you with the insight and experience you need to become a leaders in your field. More...

ePortfolio in the School of Education

As a School of Education student, you will use ePortfolio to demonstrate to the educational community who you are and who you are becoming as an educator. More...

Advising in the School of Education

Advising in the School of Education focuses not only degree progress and course selection, but also on academic success and educational and employment opportunities. More...

Special Opportunities in the School of Education

In SNHU's School of Education, you can make the most of educational opportunities to enhance access to education, promote equity, and grow as a leader.