Mary and Christos Papoutsy

Mary and Christos PapoutsyA glance around the Portsmouth office of philanthropists Christos (’57) and Mary Papoutsy shows the importance that business ethics, Hellenism and the Greco-Roman classics play in their lives.

On the walls are awards for their promotion of Hellenism, a body of ideals associated with ancient Greece. Bookshelves are lined with such titles as "Sharing the Wealth," "Managing Business Ethics," "Approaches to Greek Myth" and "Confronting Corruption: The Elements of a National Integrity System."

According to the Papoutsys and members of the business community, the Greco-Roman classics are rich with lessons that can guide us through our personal - and professional - lives. This philosophy spawned the creation of Southern New Hampshire University’s first endowed chair, the Papoutsy Endowed Chair in Business Ethics, which was formed with the couple’s input and their generous $1 million gift.

The overarching goal is to integrate programs in business ethics throughout the undergraduate and graduate curricula and to promote ethics awareness for students, business leaders and others in the community.

"We don’t want just a course," said Christos Papoutsy, who received an honorary doctor of laws from the university in 1991. "We want everyone teaching ethics. We’re fortunate that we have a dedicated, committed, experienced person such as Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger."

The creation of the business ethics chair is a milestone for SNHU. Our first chair comes to us from an alum, and in the discipline upon which this institution was founded - business. The chair allows for the blending of the liberal arts - what some would call the more abstract aspect of our lives - with applied ethical practices in business.

The creation of the business ethics chair could lead to the establishment of future chairs in other disciplines.

Join the Papoutsys in being a part of our success story by becoming an active alum.