'Enough is Enough' to Stem Societal Violence

Monday, February 10, 2014
SNHU Communications Office

Southern NH University Enough Is Enough Campaign

The idea for the SNHU Enough Is Enough campaign was born at the NASPA region I conference in Manchester NH in November 2010.   The EIE national campaign was presented and it seemed to be a perfect theme for not just a week or month of programming; but a campaign designed to go the entire year and address the issues of bullying and violence that was so prevalent in the news.

Later that month this idea was brought back to campus and presented to our Sexual Assault Awareness Month Committee with representation from Wellness, Student Affairs, Athletics, Public Safety, Residence Life and Campus Programming and Leadership.  The committee embraced the concept and developed the framework for the campaign.

Spring 2011

In January of 2011 the Committee developed a campus logo designed around the national logo (see above) .  They also designed  a script for a video and contacted students, staff and faculty to ask for their participation. Those participating in the video included President Paul Leblanc, then Vice President of Student Affairs Scott Kalicki, Heather Lorenz (currently the Dean of Students), athletes, students with disabilities, Greeks, student leaders, students of color etc.   The Enough is Enough video was produced and edited by an SNHU student and when it was complete it was shown in multiple venues on campus including on our TV screen at the entrance to the dining hall. Members of the committee, REACH Peer Educators, athletic teams, sororities and fraternities showed the video at multiple sites on campus and students signed a pledge to refrain from acts of violence.

T-shirts were ordered with the Enough is Enough slogan and given to all committee members as well as used as giveaways for events. Whistles that say enough Is enough were distributed at all these events.

Numerous other events were planned and executed all as a subset of the Enough is Enough theme and all included a showing of the video and opportunity to make the pledge.  Resident Assistants were trained in Bystander Intervention; Public Safety held a Women's Safety Clinic and a sorority kicked off the clothesline project.   Fraternities and Athletic teams participated in a white ribbon campaign.

In March 2010 the Wellness Center distributed the NHHEATOD bi-annual survey and added two questions about bullying and being a bystander to use as a baseline and as a Social norms component to this campaign.

''93.3% of SNHU students report not bullying, physically or sexually abusing another SNHU student'' is a norm that was placed on enough is enough Frisbees and is being publicized on campus. 

80.1% of SNHU students have intervened when another student was being bullied or harassed'' is a second message that was place on flashlight keychains.

Both of these messages are being included in other advertisements as we continue this program.  These questions will be repeated on the survey which will be distributed in March of 2013.

FALL 2011

The Fall 2011 campaign was kicked off with a Take back the Night Event attended by 300 students, staff and faculty and the Enough is Enough materials were present and part of this event. The committee worked on a slide show to again be used as a spring kick off event.


In the spring, Generation Equality and the Student Government Association joined the committee and the campaign continued. As part of our kick off week a second video was created which highlighted our Enough is Enough Events from the previous year and  was shown in multiple venues on campus where students were given the opportunity to sign the Enough Is Enough Pledge. Hundreds of signatures were collected as the effort continues to teach people to step in and not be a bystander.

During the month of February the Enough is Enough committee brought the pledge to a women's basketball game and a men's hockey game.   The pledge was available to sign, announcements were made and enough is enough t-shirts were thrown to the audience between periods.

Some examples of PSA announcements include the following:

  • 80.1% of SNHU students have intervened when another student was being bullied or harassed “BE in the majority, not the minority”
  • In 2009, 6,604 hate crime incidents were reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by local law enforcement agencies, a decrease of 15.15 percent since 2008, when 7,783 hate crime incidents were reported.1
  • In 2010, 2,503 hate and bias incidents against LGBTQH victims were reported to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP)-a 14.76 percent increase over incidents reported in 2009.9
  • In 2010, LGBTQH victims reported 89 sexual assaults, 74 sexual harassment incidents, and 199 assaults with a weapon.11
  • 93% of SNHU students report NOT bullying, or physically or sexually abusing another SNHU student “Be in the majority, not the minority”
  • In 2007, 35 percent of students ages 12 to 18 had been exposed to hate-related graffiti at school, and 10 percent reported someone directing hate-related words at them.13

The campaign continued with a NOH8 campaign at the end of February and multiple events during March and April where the committee collaborated with Greek organizations and athletics teams on campus to promote ''The Clothesline Project'', a white ribbon campaign and a Walk-A Mile in her shoes event. 

The norms identified in the March 2011 survey were put on poster board and are present at all of these events.

FALL 2012

The Enough Is Enough committee has started working on a design for a new logo. The campaign was introduced to all incoming first year students at our Sexual Assault Awareness program with ''Kelly and Becca” during First Days. The kick off continued  by presenting the pledge and working in support of the Diversity day during the first week of classes.  We again held our Take back the Night Event with about 300 participants.

The committee's focus this year is to widen our scope and help other constituencies on campus recognize when their events fit within the Enough Is Enough initiative.  We hope to have the EIE logo included on advertisements for all programs that address issues of violence on campus.    We participated in support of Rachel's Challenge which was presented by the Center for Service and Community Involvement and again had our pledge present for students, staff and faculty to sign. We are beginning work on a new video to be launched in the spring and will be looking to address issues related to how students treat each other through technology with targeted messages via the SNHU Facebook page and a campus wide program designed to address this issue.

Spring 2013

At the start of the Spring 2013 semester the second SNHU community EIE video was launched and  the campaign was highlighted at a week focused on issues related to violence and bullying
Monday February 4th: was Black and White day and members of the campus community were encouraged to wear black and white to support the initiative.

Tuesday February 5th: was focused on the concept that hands and words are not for hurting and students, faculty and staff were offered the opportunity to trace their hand and sign a pledge.

Wednesday February 6th: Phi Omega Psi ,one of our Sororities,  presented the Clothesline Project with an opportunity for members of the community to create their own t-shirt

Thursday February 7th: students were given the opportunity to create door hangers with anti-bullying and anti-violence messages

Friday February 8th: was Social media day and students were able to tweet positive anti-bullying messages

The following messages were created and presented on campus scrolling televisions across campus:

How many students does it take to take a stance against violence? 
It only takes one.

If you see or hear someone being bullied, what should you do? 
     a.) Ignore it
     b.) Say something
     c.) Call public safety
     d.) Let your RA know about it
    (b, c, or d are all acceptable)

How many students report not being bullied, or physically or sexually abused by another SNHU student? (93.3 %)

How many SNHU students have intervened when another student was being bullied or harassed? (80.1%)

March 13th: the EIE committee participated with the Local women’s Crisis Center in Washington DC’s Invisible No More Campaign by sowing the Documentary “The Invisible War” 

April 2013 the campaign continued with recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 4:  A student group, “The Beloved Community” sponsored a Walk against Violence

April 15 to  19: was our annual White Ribbon campaign and on April 19th during a men’s baseball game, players and coaches wore white ribbons, they were handed out to fans and anti-Violence messages were announced throughout the game  

FALL 2013

During Fall of 2013 the Enough is Enough campaign was again introduced to incoming freshman during opening days on September 2nd in the presentation by of Kelly and Becca on sexual assault and on September 3rd during the Office of Diversity “Diversity is You” kickoff event. The concept was again highlighted at the Office of Diversity Unity Dinner on September 18th

September 23rd: the EIE Committee held its annual Take Back the Night observance where this year there were over 400 students in attendance.  

September 23rd to 26th: was National Hazing Prevention week and EIE information was presented at each event held that week.  The Movie “Haze”, Educational information presented at an SNHU soccer game and a Speaker on Hazing

September 29th: Bystander Intervention training was presented at the annual Student Leadership Conference   

October 10: Elaine Pasqual presented her program “Sex and Excess” to all athletes, Greeks and some student athletes.  Tis program contains messages about alcohols relationship to violence and was also co-sponsored by the EIE committee.

Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 semester started with a message to faculty and staff reminding them about the campaign and offering ways they could join in the efforts to reduce violence.         
Additionally the EIE video was streaming on all campus television screens. 

The EIE message was promoted the beginning of the semester Involvement Fair, at a Big Money Bingo game on January 22nd and the EIE committee is participating in and sponsoring events during Random Acts of Kindness Week February 10-14th.          

Further plans for this semester include a working with Generation Equality on a NOH8 campaign, creating a video from students telling their stories about bullying, participating in a full month of activities in March titled 31 Days to Change the World which will include another presentation of Rachel’s’ Challenge and participating in a Color Run on April 6th

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