Camp Synergy

Camp Synergy is an experiential based low-elements ropes course located on the Southern New Hampshire University main campus in Manchester, New Hampshire. The course is composed of group physical challenges which require a combination of teamwork skills and individual commitment.

Low element ropes courses are typically defined by obstacles and challenges which are between one and twelve feet above the ground. Groups accomplish a specific task by working as a team. Low ropes elements involve problems using real and imaginary ground-based obstacles, such as cables, ropes, and platforms between trees or poles.

Some of the intended outcomes of participation in the course include: increase participants’ sense of personal confidence; increase mutual support within a group; develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination; initiate strategies to ensure the transfer of active learning on the course to the participants’ jobs, education, or personal life.

Camp Synergy is composed of the following elements:

  • Spider Web
  • Wild Woosey
  • Trust Fall
  • Team Triangle Traverse
  • The Wall
  • Mohalk Walk
  • Log Jam
  • Giant Finger
  • Whale Watch
  • Porthole
  • Nitro Crossing

In addition to the low-elements, facilitators of the course offer many ice breakers and warm-up activities that can get everyone engaged. Facilitators work with participating groups to develop a program that will achieve mutually agreed-upon goals and objectives.

Camp Synergy is inspected annually by Project Adventure, Inc, an international nonprofit organization that specializes in building, maintaining and training facilitators for experiential based courses. All Camp Synergy facilitators are faculty/staff members of SNHU, have been certified through Project Adventure and participate in an annual certification course

How to Get Started

If you are a Department or Student Organization at Southern New Hampshire University, please contact to set-up an initial meeting with one of our Camp Synergy Coordinators.

If you are an individual representing an organization outside of the University, please contact the Conference Services Department. A representative will discuss some of the packages available to you, which could include room rental for a pre- or post- ropes course meeting and meals during your activities at the University. Once all arrangements have been made with Conference Services, you will have an in-person or phone conversation with one of our Camp Synergy Coordinators to discuss the details for the day, including: who the participants are; goals and objectives for the day; and what if any, challenge the group may be trying to work through. We create programs based on the specific needs and challenges of your group. No two programs are the same.

This facility is fully funded by the Student Government Association and operated by the Office of Campus Programming and Leadership and the Office of Student Life/Student Center.