Dr. Lundy Lewis

Lundy Lewis, Ph.D. has a passion for technology. His 1986 dissertation was one of the first efforts to understand how intelligent computers might have a sense of ethics in order to make decisions about doing the right thing. Today, this topic is important for developing autonomous humanoid robots, video games, and intelligent avatars. Dr. Lewis is interested in how these technologies can be used to address important social issues of the present and the future, e.g. taking care  of the elderly, desensitization of anxieties, and sparking learning in under-privileged students. His lifelong scholarly activity has revolved around the application of Artificial Intelligence methods to practical business problems and to building prototype systems, e.g. using AI in business intelligence, situational reasoning, computer networks, video games, avatars, and robots. He holds thirty-five US patents involving technology and has been a Principal Investigator on several multi-year projects for the US Department of Defense and the Australian Research Council.


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy (Logic and Artificial Intelligence), University of Georgia.
  • M.S. in Computer Science, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute.

Professional Experience:

  • Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Altusys Corporation, Princeton, NJ, 2002 to present.
  • Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Thermyos, Inc., Manchester, NH, 2010- present.
  • Executive Director and Founder, Star Castle Studios, Manchester, NH, 2009 – present.

Research Interests:

  • Game Design and Development
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Patent Litigation