Early Childhood Education (BA)

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A BA in early childhood education prepares you to teach early learners in preschool through third grade in New Hampshire and many other states. In this major, you will study child development, family systems, and curriculum and instruction methods that reflect the unique needs of children from preschool through age 8.

At SNHU, you won’t have to wait to see if teaching is right for you. Here you will begin working in real classrooms as early as your first semester, freshman year. (Many schools don’t offer field experience until senior year or even later.)

The early childhood education major provides a solid background in developmental theory and practice and a strong foundation in an academic content area.

Program Highlights

  • Certification in early childhood education allows for a wide range of career opportunities in multiple settings.
  • Earn a dual certification in special education for grades K–12 at the same time.
  • Gain a specialization with a minor in another academic discipline.
  • You won’t have to wait until after graduation to put education theory into practice—SNHU students work in real classrooms beginning first semester, freshman year.

The outlook for early education jobs looks promising for graduates:

  • Many veteran teachers approaching retirement will drive demand for new early education teachers over the next decade.
  • Parents will continue to seek quality early childhood programs for their children.

Check out the option of continuing education.

Required Core Courses

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