Jamie Lee Cruz Update from President LeBlanc

Sunday, November 06, 2011
Mazzola, Gregg

From: President Paul LeBlanc

I want to provide you with an update on yesterday's sad loss of our first year student, Jamie Lee Cruz.

As you know, Jamie was found dead in her dorm room Saturday morning.  Hooksett police and state police investigators were on the scene all day and preliminary investigation does not point to any foul play, though there is not yet an official statement on their part.  There is also no evidence or report of alcohol/drug abuse, though the toxicology report (routine procedure in cases like this) will take some time.  An autopsy was conducted today and cause of death is not yet established.

Jamie's large and loving family is on campus, obviously in shock and deeply distressed. I met with them last night at their hotel. There is a son serving in Afghanistan, another enlisted and making his way from his base in NC, and a third who had served in Iraq and is here now. As Jamie's father said to me last night, "My sons were in war and could have been hurt or killed, but when I sent my daughter to college I never expected this." Heartbreaking.

The university is doing everything it can to support them. We've provided hotel rooms, food, support staff and counseling, and worked with the local funeral home to prepare Jamie's body for viewing and eventual transportation home. Jamie's family will see her body late today and may attend a mass on campus at 6 PM.

As often happens in the absence of more information, rumors start circulating among students -- Twitter and Facebook amplify the "telephone game" syndrome and the facts get more and more distorted. This is a terribly disrespectful and insensitive dynamic and could be very hurtful to the family. I have given you the facts as we know them today and I ask you to please counter any rumors you hear with the reality of the situation. Jamie's death is painful enough without the swirl of ill-informed rumors.

I promise to update you when there is more to report.  In the meantime, the Wellness Center staff is available for anyone who needs support. We need to all be there for Jamie's family.

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