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Wednesday, November 16, 2011
SNHU Communications Office

Manchester, N.H. – Read about how Southern New Hampshire University’s innovative three-year bachelor’s degree program is a successful model that can significantly reduce tuition costs in the newly released “Saving Higher Education: The Integrated, Competency-Based Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program” by SNHU Profs. Martin J. Bradley, Robert H. Seidman and Steven R. Painchaud.

About the Book
Colleges and universities are under pressure from the government, students and parents to make higher education more efficient and cost-effective. Based on Southern New Hampshire University’s highly successful competency-based three-year bachelor’s degree program—the longest running in the country—this book provides a blueprint for creating, sustaining and growing such a program at an institution of any type and size. The book offers a proven model that not only cuts student costs by 25 percent, but significantly reduces program delivery costs. The 120-credit six-semester competency-based integrated curriculum approach focuses on student learning as opposed to “seat-time,” and research shows above average academic student success.

Praise for "Saving Higher Education"
"At last a book that answers one of higher education's most burning questions: how do we provide America a cheaper faster undergraduate experience without cheating on the old family recipe and compromising standards? At a time when challenges of college value, quality, and mission are high on the public agenda we have an answer aligned with the 21st century. As an unprecedented number of institutions are exploring three-year degree programs we are provided an innovation road map that maintains academic integrity while articulating a competency-based integrated curriculum founded on learning outcomes rather than process inputs. Bravo and about time. This book will add value and inform the thinking of trustees, legislators, parents, students, administrators, federal and state higher educational officials, and even the most skeptical of faculty with no appetite for change. A three-year baccalaureate aligns the academy with the needs and aspirations of the future. It articulates the supply side of higher education with the demand. While enhancing effectiveness, it affords students what they want and need while meeting the national agenda for socially and economically productive citizens."
--Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, president emeritus and University Professor of Public Service, George Washington University

"This book provides a powerful model of how to redesign a university in the interests of student learning. The authors’ proposed curriculum model addresses many of the fundamental dysfunctions of higher education—the fragmentation, incoherence, and unfocused activity that produces the frankly dispiriting results of our enormous investment in higher education. They offer an evidence-based framework for reshaping our institutions to serve the goals we all wish to achieve while beginning to address the pervasive financial challenges that undermine our efforts. Even for educators not seeking to shorten the time to a degree, this book provides a vivid and stimulating analysis of how to think about and execute constructive change. Anyone concerned about the future of higher education should read it and learn from it."
--John Tagg, professor emeritus, Palomar College, and author, "The Learning Paradigm College"

"'Saving Higher Education' propels us to explore the nexus of higher education quality and efficiency, a creative space too often overlooked as we rush to answer the call for greater accountability while clinging to our fond notion that our well-worn, traditional four-year path is the best corridor to learning. Bradley, Seidman, and Painchaud offer one thoughtful approach to a high quality education at a significantly lower cost. This book reminds us that the game has changed. If educators respond, students will win."
--Margaret L. Drugovich, president, Hartwick College

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