Medical Information for non U.S. citizens

Health Insurance Brochure & Claim Form for International Students

SNHU requires all students to be covered by medical and health insurance. Foreign student must purchase the SNHU Group Policy (which gives students an excellent rate). Exceptions will be made only for students under government sponsorship where insurance is provided.


Medical Documents

Medical and Health Issues

Medical costs in the US are very expensive as it is a private system. It is strongly recommended that you complete your necessary medical and dental work in your home country before you depart.
IMPORTANT- Please read and understand: Students will not be allowed to register for classes unless our Health Center has a completely filled out physical exam form and a recent chest x-ray taken within one month prior to arrival. Otherwise you will have to complete the physical exam and take the chest x-ray here at considerable expense to you. (approximate costs = $185.00)

Your health form must show that you have been immunized against measles, mumps and rubella after the age of 12 before it will be accepted at the health center. If you do not have these immunizations, you will have to get them here at your own expense.
( approximate cost = $50.00) Please obtain these immunizations before you leave and have them entered on your medical form or bring evidence.

Attention Married Students

If you are bringing a spouse and/or children with you, you must bring their medical records. Children may be eligible for free inoculations if they have their records. Children who might attend local schools may be refused admissions without medical records.