The Best Super Bowl Ads

Monday, February 06, 2012
SNHU Communications Office

Advertising Prof. Pat Spirou

We asked Dr. Pat Spirou, chair of SNHU's on-campus and online advertising degree programs, to choose the five best Super Bowl ads of 2012 and Super Bowls past.

Best Super Bowl Ads 2012

"The top ads this year didn’t go to Bud, which is usually the case. The car industry takes the trophy, with several top hits," Spirou says. "The results of the top ads of the Super Bowl listed below are a result of customer feedback – the ones they liked the best, the funniest or the most entertaining.  The industry would rank according to increased sales, but those ads may be one in the same once the 'dust' settles."

  1. It’s Halftime in America – with Clint Eastwood
  2. End of the World -- 2012 Chevy Silverado
  3. Matthew’s Day Off – Honda
  4. Just My Shell – M&Ms
  5. Dog Strikes Back  -- Volkswagen
  6. David Beckham – H&M

Best Super Bowl Ads Ever

"Choosing the top five Super Bowl ads of all time is difficult, as there are many categories to choose from: the funniest, the most creative, etc. And there are many sources – ads that the advertising industry felt were the best, and then the ads that consumer's thought were the best," the advertising professor says. "But there are several ads that appear on 'everyone's list:"

Budweiser Beer 1995: The original Budweiser frogs

Coca-Cola 1975: Mean Joe Green

Wendy’s 1984: Where’s the Beef?

Bud Light 2007: Rock, Paper and Scissors

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