The Extra Mile Spring 2012

Innovation U

Shandrease Cushionberry and Ebony Byas found SNHU to be the right fit for them thanks to innovative strategies on campus and online.


Political Persuasion

Civic Scholar Dean Spiliotes explains that there is a lot more to politics than meets the eye.


Conscientious Councilor

Current Boston city councilor Felix Arroyo talks about how SNHU's community economic development program got him to where he is today.


Training Teachers for the 21st Century

Outgoing Dean Mary Heath and new Dean Mark McQuillan discuss national educational issues and how the university is addressing the challenges.


Whistle While You Work

Former Penmen athletes Corey Pothier '96, Doug Blais '88 and Will Flowers '92 are still suited up as referees.


SNHU's New Sculpture Park

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
SNHU Communications

Looking for a way to mark the milestone of the McIninch Art Gallery's 10th anniversary, gallery Director Deborah Disston focused on expansion and found a way to move beyond the small gallery space in Robert Frost Hall More...

Where Are They Now? – Bill Herlicka '96

The recession inspired Bill Herlicka '96 to trade his career as an investment banker for one with a bit more hops.


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