International Business Degree | Faculty

Aysun Ficici - Associate Professor

Dr. Aysun Ficici is an assistant professor of international business. Her previous professional experience includes public relations at Global Enterprises and area manager of Rg International Enterprises. She was selected RFK Teacher of the Year in 2000.

Ficici received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of Massachusetts, Lowell in 1986, a Master of Arts in Political Science from Harvard University in 1993, a Master in Business Administration from New Hampshire College in 1999, a Master of Science in International Business from SNHU in 2001, a Master of Science in Business Education in 2002, and Doctor in Business Administration in International Business from SNHU in 2005.

Ficici is a member of the Academy of International Business, the National Council of Negro Women, and the University Association for Contemporary European Studies.

Presentations include Ficici, A., Third Symposium on International Business and Marketing; It had two distinct parts 2) Fifth Congress of Business (III Simposio International De Adminstracao E Marketing and V Congresso De Adminstracao Da ESPM, "Internationalization Strategies and Value Implications of Latin American Emerging Market Multinationals," SaoPaulo, Brazil ESPM School. (December 2008).

Research in progress: ''Value Creation through Internationalization: An Empirical Analysis of Emerging Market Multinationals’ International Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance Activities.''

C. Bulent Aybar - Dept. Chair, Professor


Dr. C. Bulent Aybar has been with SNHU since 1998 when he started as an associate professor, and has been a  professor of international finance since 2003. Aybar currently serves as chair of the SNHU School of Business Promotion Committee and of the International Business Department. His interests and expertise include international corporate finance / corporate finance, international business, emerging markets / micro and macro perspectives, derivatives and risk management, behavioral finance, and international economics /trade.

Aybar’s most recent publications are ''Cross Border Market Expansion and Firm Value: An Empirical Analysis of Emerging Market Multinationals'' and ''Corporate Governance and Firm Value in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Analysis of ADR Issuing Emerging Market Firms,'' which were published in Journal of International Business Studies and Emerging Markets Journal respectively. 

Aybar received his Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Statistics from M.E. Technical University in 1984, his Master of Science in Finance from Istanbul University, School of Business Administration in 1987, and his Master of Arts and Doctorate of Philosophy in International Finance from the Ohio State University, Max Fisher College of Business in 1992.

Aybar serves as an executive board member on the Treasury Executives Institute and the New Hampshire International Trade Association.

Charlotte Broaden - Professor


Dr. Charlotte Broaden has been a professor of International Business and Organizational Leadership at Southern New Hampshire University since 2006.

Broaden has over 20 years of corporate experience in strategic decision-making and overseeing human resource systems, both domestically and internationally.  She has broad industry experience covering the steel, water meter and label manufacturing industries. Broaden has travelled extensively, and is interested in least developed and emerging markets with a particular focus in researching African nations and the development of small businesses on a global basis.

Broaden earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication and Management from Marquette University in 1977, her Master of Science from SNHU in 1999, majoring in International Business and her Doctor of Business Administration in International Business and Finance from SNHU in 2002.

Broaden is a Certified Global Business Professional, North American Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE) and is a member of the Academy of Management,  Academy of Global Business, Academy of International Business, a  board member of International Chamber for Economic Development and Who's Who Among American Teachers (2005).

Broaden's publications include: Broaden, C., and Daria Crawley, (2010) ''A Model for Assessing Institutional Internationalization on Academic Careers.''  Eastern Academy of Management Conference Proceedings.

Crawley, D., C. Broaden, D. Motley, (2009) ''Mentoring African American Expatriates: Providing the Bridge to Success Abroad,'' Journal of Diversity Management, 4(1), p 31-42.

Crawley, D., C. Broaden, D. Motley, (2007) ''The Ethnic Minority Expatriate: Issues Faced when Working Abroad''. Eastern Academy of Management Conference Proceedings.

Crawley, D., D. Motley, C. Broaden, (2007) ''Managing and Mentoring Minority Expatriates and Inpatriates.'' Society for Advancement of Management International Business Conference Proceedings.

Broaden, Charlotte B. (2004) ''Internationalizing the Business Curriculum, Xavier Business Review,'' v14, n10 p. 1-2, A. Das (ed).

Broaden, Charlotte B. (2004) ''Internal and External Environmental Factors Affecting Access to Technology in Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning: in International Business and Information Technology: Interaction and Transformation in the Global Economy,'' (Eds) M. Samii and G. Karush.

Broaden, Charlotte B., (2003), ''Access to Technology: Is there a ''Digital Divide'' among Asia's top institutions of higher learning?'' AIB Northeast Conference Proceedings.

Broaden, Charlotte B., (2002), ''Producer Environment's Impact on the Reverse Investment Strategies of Large Developing Country Firms,'' Dissertation (unpublished), Southern New Hampshire University.

Broaden, Charlotte, B. and Massood V. Samii, (2001), ''Measuring the Impact of Globalization on Performance,'' AIB Northeast Conference Proceedings.

Massood Samii - Professor


Dr. Massood Samii is a professor of the International Business Department and director of the Ph.D. program in international business. He is also the director of the Institute for International Business. Samii has lectured and published on issues of energy, economic development, and international business. His articles have appeared in Energy Policy, Energy and Development, Opec Review and Petroleum Management. A former senior economist for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, Samii is an expert on oil and energy. His latest book, "Dynamic of International Business Environment and Strategy, A System Approach," will be published later this year.

Samii received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Hartford, his Master of Business Administration from Western New England University and his Doctor of Philosophy from the State University of New York. He has also taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Boston University.


Nicholas Nugent - Professor


Dr. Nicholas Nugent, a professor of international business, has been at SNHU since 1990.  A multinational marketing expert, Nugent is especially adept in marketing strategy. He has taught executive M.B.A. programs in Europe and the Middle East. Prior to SNHU, he was a marketing faculty member at Boston College and has worked in more than twenty countries, including Germany, the UAE, Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Mexico, and Greece.

Nugent earned his Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management and his Master in Business Administration from University of South Florida, and his Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration/Marketing from Florida State University.

He has published extensively in the areas of international business, marketing, and business strategy.

William Gillett - Dean of School of Business


William Gillett, J.D., came to SNHU in 2010 after spending the first 25 years of his career in international business and the law. Immediately prior to joining SNHU, Gillett served as president of RiverStone Resources, an international insurance and reinsurance organization specializing in the management of large, long-tail liabilities, where he was responsible for its overall strategic direction and new business acquisitions. Gillett brings a wealth of business and international partnerships, many formed as managing director for RiverStone’s European division.

Gillett holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Gillett is also an active participant in New Hampshire's business and philanthropic communities including New Hampshire Public Radio, the International Institute of New England, the New Hampshire High Technology Council and the New Hampshire Writers' Project.