Marketing Faculty

Eklou Amendah - Associate Professor


Dr. Eklou Amendah is an associate professor of marketing and the program coordinator of retailing and the fashion merchandising curriculum. He joined SNHU's marketing faculty in 2008. Amendah is a polished speaker who believes dialogue is the key to learning. He is also a passionate researcher and an expert in consumer behavior and retailing.
Amendah earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Business Law from University of Lome, Togo, He then earned a second Master of Science in Consumer Affairs from Auburn University and his Doctor of Philosophy from Purdue University.

Amendah is a member of the American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA).

His presentations include Amendah, E. (Presenter & Author), Thorpe, J. (Presenter & Author), American Collegiate Retail Association (ACRA), "Recycled fashion brands: The moderating effect of perceived risk on willingness to purchase and satisfaction," National Retail Federation (NRF), New York. (January 10, 2010).

Research in progress includes, "Gift Cards - Effect of store characteristics, consumer characteristics and demographic factors on giver purchase behavior," "Consumer perception of value for luxury cars: The moderating effect of Consumers," and "Influence of the current economic environment on consumer decision to purchase American made cars."

Jeannemarie Thorpe - Assistant Professor


Jeannemarie Thorpe, an assistant professor of marketing at SNHU, received her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Bridgeport, her Master in Education in English from Rivier College and her Master in Business Administration from New Hampshire College. She is completing her doctoral studies in marketing at Nova Southeastern University. A faculty member since 2000, Thorpe operates a marketing consulting business, J.Thorpe & Associates.

Thorpe is the faculty advisor for Phi Delta Beta and was awarded the Greek Advisor of the Year in 2009 and 2011. She is a co-advisor of the SNHU Styles Club and a member of the SNHU School of Business Scholarship Committee and the University Undergraduate Scholastic Standing Committee. Thorpe is a past member of the Graduate Council, the Honors Committee, and past vice president of the University Curriculum Committee. In addition, she is a volunteer writing tutor for both international and domestic graduate students.

Thorpe's research interests include retailing and fashion, branding and ethics. She has presented her research at numerous conferences, including the American Collegiate Retail Association (ACRA), the Decision Sciences Institute, and the Society for Marketing Advances, among others. In 2011, a research project in which she participated with SNHU colleagues from other disciplines was given an Outstanding Research Award by the Institute for Business and Finance Research and was published in the Journal of Business Education and Accreditation. She has also collaborated on marketing cases for classroom use.

Research in progress includes ''Using internationally populated graduate classrooms as labs for finding common ground for business ethics'' (working title) and dissertation research, ''Cause-related Marketing: Does perception of opportunism cause withdrawal from a brand.''

Karen C. Stone - Professor


At SNHU since 1983, Dr. Karen C. Stone is a professor of marketing.  She serves as chair of the university's Academic Policy Committee and is also a member of the SNHU Faculty Senate as well as the 3Year Honors Program Steering Committee. In 1995, Stone was the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Stone received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Wake University, her Master of Arts in International Business from University of Kentucky and her Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing and Higher Education Administration from Boston College. She has also worked in marketing for the Deere Corporation.

Stone is a member of the Society for Marketing Advances, where for many years she has served as a reviewer for the annual conference manuscripts. Stone has twice been a finalist for the Teaching Innovations Award as selected by the Society for Marketing Advances. She has also served as a conference manuscript reviewer for the American Marketing Association. Stone is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the ''Marketing Education Review'' (MER) journal.

The daughter of a career U.S. Army officer, Stone grew up living in numerous places in the U.S. as well as abroad, including various cities in Italy and also in Ankara, Turkey, where she attended high school. These experiences fostered an appreciation for, as well as a fascination with, the affect of culture on behavior and values. 

Micheline Anstey - Assistant Professor


Micheline Anstey has nearly 30 years of combined professional and teaching experience in the field of marketing. She has been a full-time faculty member in the Marketing Department of the School of Business since 2005. Her awards include the 2012 Penmen Faculty Staff Appreciation Award (FSA) and SNHU’s 2005 Community Faculty Member Excellence in Teaching Award.

Anstey received her Bachelor of Arts from Saint Anselm College in 1981 and her Master of Business Administration from New Hampshire College in 1991.

Her presentations include Anstey, M., Manchester Area Colleges Consortium, "Manchester Area Colleges Consortium." (2007).

Anstey is a member of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation.

Patricia Spirou - Dept. Chair, Professor


Patricia joined SNHU in 1997 and is a professor of Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media. Spirou is also owner of PAS Consultants, allowing her to stay on top of industry trends, which she incorporates into the classroom. She consults for many corporations in the areas of strategic planning, advertising, public relations, social media, brand assessment and promotional planning. Her specialty areas include service marketing, strategies for improved customer satisfaction and formulation of strategic goals for improving brand recognition in the marketplace.

Spirou earned her Bachelor of Science at Keene State College; her Master of Business Administration Concentration in Marketing from New Hampshire College; and her Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing at Nova Southeastern University.

Spirou holds an SNHU Excellence in Teaching Award and was a state Excellence in Teaching finalist.

William Gillett - Dean of School of Business


William Gillett, J.D., came to SNHU in 2010 after spending the first 25 years of his career in international business and the law. Immediately prior to joining SNHU, Gillett served as president of RiverStone Resources, an international insurance and reinsurance organization specializing in the management of large, long-tail liabilities, where he was responsible for its overall strategic direction and new business acquisitions. Gillett brings a wealth of business and international partnerships, many formed as managing director for RiverStone’s European division.

Gillett holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Gillett is also an active participant in New Hampshire's business and philanthropic communities including New Hampshire Public Radio, the International Institute of New England, the New Hampshire High Technology Council and the New Hampshire Writers' Project.