ESL Faculty

Antimo DiMatteo - Associate Professor


Antimo DiMatteo began teaching at SNHU in 1993. DiMatteo is an associate professor of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), in which he teaches Listening & Speaking Techniques in the MS-TEFL program.

DiMatteo received his Bachelor of Arts in History/Political Science from Butler University and his Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language from Notre Dame College.

In the community, DiMatteo organized, developed and implemented an English as a Second Language Program for the City of Manchester/US-HUD Immigrant and Refugees Project.

He has chaired the Intensive English Program since 1995 and is the faculty advisor for the Saudi Arabian Student club.

He is a member of TESOL National and Northern New England TESOL.

Denis A. Hall - Dept. Chair, Associate Professor


An associate professor of TESOL and chair of the MS-TEFL Program, Denis Hall has taught at SNHU for over 30 years. Hall developed and teaches a graduate course in descriptive linguistics and a course in teaching grammar (both part of the MS-TEFL degree program), advises and teaches international students in the undergraduate bridge program and coordinates the World Language and Culture Program. He has extensive committee service within the university and has served on community and regional committees related to TESOL.

Hall received his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and his Master of Arts in English (Applied Linguistics) from the University of New Hampshire. He has also taken additional coursework and workshops for professional development.

Hall has presented papers and workshops at regional and international conferences, guest-lectured in undergraduate classes, offered ESL awareness workshops for SNHU faculty and for NHCUC, and authored articles and reviews. Hall is former President, State Representative, and Secretary for Northern New England Teachers of Speakers to Other Languages (NNETESOL), serving on the Executive Board for 13 years. More recently, he served as Chair of the Higher Education Interest Section of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

In the community, Hall has volunteered for school-related and music-related organizations, such as the Greater Manchester Youth Symphony Orchestra and was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader for 10 years.

Gary Carkin - Professor


Dr. Gary Carkin has been a professor of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at SNHU and has been involved in professional theatre for over 30 years. He specializes in teaching English through drama, using process drama for second language acquisition, and utilizing dramatic techniques as a means to accelerated language learning. He is founder, coordinator, and co-moderator of TESOL-Drama, an online workshop/forum connected to the International TESOL Association and is a regular speaker and workshop leader at regional, national, and international TESOL events.

Carkin received his Bachelor of Arts in English/Drama and Speech from the University of New Hampshire, his Master of Arts in Speech Communication from the University of New Mexico, and Doctor of Philosophy in Asian and Western Theatre from Michigan State University.

He has multiple publications including "Vygotsky, Stanislavski, and Second Language Acquisition." ETAS (English Teachers of Switzerland) Journal, Spring 2010, and "The Effectiveness of and Student Satisfaction Related to Three Approaches of Learning English through Drama: Applied drama techniques, process drama, and readers’ theatre." Occasional Papers. Manchester, NH Carlisle Publications 2009.

Carkin's books include, "How to Succeed in the USA," Discovery Publishers, Taipei; Se-Ed Publishers, Bangkok; "Teaching English through Drama: The State of the Art," Carlisle Publications, "Ten Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom," and "Ten MORE Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom," Carlisle Publications, Manchester, NH.

Carkin's professional memberships include TESOL, Northern New England TESOL and the South Atlantic Modern Language Association.

Karen Erickson - Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Karen Erickson came to SNHU in 2006 after 15 years at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she was on the political science faculty and awarded emerita rank. She directed programs in science, education, public policy and in Arctic affairs and policies assessment. Erickson also has held university teaching and administrative posts in Canada and Norway.

Erickson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stanford, a Master of Arts in Political Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Harvard.

Erickson is a founder of the University of the Arctic and was on the U.S. delegation to the Arctic Council. Her publications cover Arctic and international politics, security, environmental policy, cold war legacies, rural education and postwar politics of Finland.

A winner of two Fulbright awards, Erickson has held fellowships with the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, the Scholar's Roundtable-NYU School of Law and the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education. She is a Leadership Fellow of the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement and a member of the board of directors of the American Conference of Academic Deans as well as the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire.

Rita Naughton - Assistant Professor


An assistant professor of TESOL since 2012, Dr. Rita Naughton began at SNHU as an adjunct professor in the ESL program. Other recent teaching posts have been at the University of Massachusetts on both the Boston and Lowell campuses. Research interests include the intersection of literary and language capacity as is reflected in her doctoral dissertation: ''Metacognition, Writing Strategies and Learning Styles in the ESL College Writing Classroom.''

Naughton has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish and a Master in Education in Secondary English, Middle School English and English as a Second Language from University of Massachusetts-Lowell. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Communication from the Cook School of Intercultural Studies of Biola University.

Naughton carries New Hampshire certifications in English Education (5-12) and English for Speakers of Other Languages. She is a native speaker of Portuguese, and she has taught Spanish at the high school and college levels.

Rosemary Orlando - Professor


Dr. Rosemary Orlando joined SNHU in 1994 and is a professor of TESOL in the Institute for Language Education. Rosemary has been a visiting professor at Vietnam National University in Hanoi for the past four and a half years traveling back and forth between Vietnam and the U.S. numerous times each year to teach courses onsite to Vietnamese English language teachers as part of a joint master's degree program. She also serves as a liaison between SNHU and VNU MS TEFL program administrators.

Orlando received her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Providence College, her Master of Education in English as a Second Language from Rhode Island College, and her Doctor of Education from Argosy University, Sarasota, Florida.

Orlando's professional memberships include TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) where she served as Chair of the TESOL Awards Committee and is a frequent presenter at the annual international convention, IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), and NNETESOL (Northern New England Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) where she previously served as President.

Presentations include April 2012, Qatar TESOL, Doha, Qatar, ''Teacher Trainers as Motivators for Effective Cultural Development,'' March 2012 TESOL International Convention Philadelphia, PA, ''Building Community: Culturally Responsive Approaches in Innovative EFL Teacher Education,'' May 2011 Hanoi Academy for Journalism & Communication – Faculty of Foreign Languages - Hanoi, Vietnam, ''New Ways of Teaching English Teachers in Vietnam,'' and May 2011 Hanoi Economic & Technology University, Hanoi, Vietnam,''Approaches in Vietnamese English Language Teaching Techniques.''

Silvia Rodriguez Spence - Associate Professor


Silvia joined SNHU in 1987 and is an associate professor of TESOL where she teaches graduate level courses and conducts in-service training in the following subjects: Curriculum Development, Supervised Practice Teaching, Methodology, Strategies for Teaching Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Grammar.

Spence received her Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages from Pfeiffer University and her Master of Education in TESL from Notre Dame College, Manchester. She received a Fulbright Scholar Award (2007-2008), Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Merida, Mexico.

Presentations include ''Blog, collaboration, product: motivational tools for successful in-service: a case report,'' Annual Conference, Carolina TESOL, Asheville, NC, November 2011.

Spence has numerous publications such as, S. R. (2008). ''A Proactive Approach to Plagiarism,'' paper presented at TESOL International Convention and published in Higher Education Interest Section News, (28) 2.

Spence holds professional membership in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the Fulbright Alumni Association.

Recent and current SNHU memberships include Faculty Center for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching Advisory Board, Associate Representative to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, and Lead Instructor/Adjunct Faculty Coordinator, Graduate Language Studies Program.