Driving in New Hampshire

Can I drive in New Hampshire?
If you have both an international driving permit and a valid driver's license from your home country; you may drive in New Hampshire for your first sixty days.  If you hold a valid driver's license from another US state and have moved to New Hampshire; you may drive in New Hampshire for your first sixty days.

What if I do not have a driver's license?
If you do not have a driver's license from home or another US state; you must pass a licensed driver's education course.  You will need to pass a written test, eye exam, and driving test at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Concord.  The New Hampshire State Driver's Manual is available online at the Division of Motor Vehicles .  

Can I go to any Division of Motor Vehicles Office?
Non US citizens living in NH may only apply for your driver's license at the Concord office located at 23 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH.  International students and scholars and their dependents may not go to the DMV in Manchester, NH.

What documents do I need to apply?
You will need to submit the following original documents: 
  • a letter from SNHU certifying your enrollment
  • Your I-20 or DS-2019
  • Your passport(s) and your I-94 card
  • Your Social Security card or letter from the Social Security Administration stating that you have been denied a Social Security Number.  When you request your certification letter from ISS, you will also be asked if you have a Social Security Card.  If you do not, ISS will prepare a second letter for you.  You must take this letter to the Social Security Administration at 2 Wall Street, Manchester, NH to receive their letter stating you have been denied a Social Security Number. 
  •  Proof of your where you live. If you do not live on campus, you will need verification of your residence such as a copy of your lease, a utility bill or your bank statement. A Post Office Box address is not sufficient for this purpose.

If you have a driver's license in your home country, you also need:
A letter from an appropriate authority from your home country that explains your driving record. The letter must state that your license is not under suspension or revocation. It is best if it includes a record of any accidents and violations. This is also useful information for your automobile insurance company.

Answers to any general questions you may have can be found on this helpful government fact sheet from U.S. Immigrations and Custom Enforcement.

How do I tell the DMV I've changed my address?
When you move, you need to tell your new address to SNHU and also to the DMV.  Report your address change through the DMV Record Change Request form.  You can write your new address on a small label and affix it to the back of your driver's license.