Room Changes

The Office of Residence Life provides students with an opportunity for room changes three (3) times a year (two weeks after the beginning of each semester and once three weeks prior to the end of the Fall semester). It should be understood that all requests cannot be completed. Generally, Freshmen and Sophomores reside in residence halls; Juniors and Seniors in the apartments and Townhouses. Residence costs vary according to location. Prior to completing a room change request, students should review the room costs which are listed on the room change form.      

To create an equitable room change process, the university has established the following procedures:   

  • Requests must be submitted on a Room Change Request Form which are also available at the Office of Residence Life and the Residence Directors' offices. Completed requests should be submitted to the Residence Director in charge of the student's residence area.  The student will meet with their respective Residence Director to determine location of the requested change.  If the student is looking to move to a different area, the student will be referred to the Residence Director of that area for availability of location.  
  • Non-freshmen in apartments or Townhouses will be automatically registered for a minimum meal plan. Freshmen will be registered for the full meal plan. Other meal plans for are also available. Any questions regarding the meal plan should be directed to Dining Services in the Student Center Cafeteria, telephone 645.9607.  

Phase I
Students must have a minimum of 30 earned credits for Phase I.  

  • Students requesting Townhouses and East Side Apartments must have a minimum of 60 earned credits.   
  •  Students requesting West Side Apartments must have a minimum of 30 earned credits.      

Phase II
Students must have less than 30 earned credits for Phase II.

  • Students with less than 30 earned credits will not be considered for changes to the West Side Apartments or less than 60 earned credits for the East Side Apartments or Townhouses.

Student Responsibilities/Room Change Procedures 
At the time your room change is approved, you will receive a copy of the approval form as well as the key(s). The student may also be required to go to the Bursar's Office to obtain a new ID card that will provide card access to the building and floor of the new location.  This form is to be shown to the Residence Staff as you complete the room change process.    

  • Make an appointment for completion of the Room Inventory with the Residence Staff for the area that you currently live in. At this appointment, the staff member will complete the Room Inventory Form for your current location. This check-out procedure may only occur when all of your belongings are packed and the room may be clearly inspected. Students who fail to complete the check-out procedure within the allotted time are responsible for any cost assessments as determined by the Residence Life Staff.    
  • Contact the Residence Director of the area that you are moving into for completion of Room Inventory Form.   
  • The entire Room Change Procedure must be completed within 3 days of the date listed on the Room Status Form; exceptions to this policy may only be made by the Assistant Director or Residence Director of the assigned area.    
  • Students who have completed the move must return their room key to the former Residence Director within the three day period. Failure to complete this will result in being assessed the cost of a lock replacement.