What to Bring/What Not to Bring

Things to Bring
One of the common mistakes many students make is bringing too much for their room. Some basic items that should be brought are a pillow, sheets (extra long twin), bedspread, toiletries, laundry bags, detergent, blankets, portable shower caddie, wastebasket, alarm clock, coat hangers, desk and floor lamps, iron, blow dryer and shower shoes or flip flops.

Things Not to Bring
Community living dictates that certain items are not permissible because of obvious safety reasons. The following are examples of such items: hot plates, pets (except fish), air conditioners, waterbeds, space heaters, halogen lamps, weapons of any kind, candles, immersion heaters, toaster ovens, or any other cooking appliance.

This list is a guide and is not all inclusive. The university reserves the final decision on any item that they determine as inappropriate for the residence halls.

The University does not permit any devices that raise the bed from any floor level.

Bed lofting is not permitted based on construction limitations and fire safety issues.

Microwaves are  not permitted in the residences. The Residence Life office in conjunction with the Student Government Association has a program that offers the Microfridge, a combination refrigerator and microwave. If you are interested in renting a Microfridge, you may contact New England Student Services at www.nestudentservices.com or by telephone at 401.405.0920. Our registration code for the site is 9481.