Residence Life FAQs

First Year Students:

When do new students move in?

Fall Opening will be August 31st from 9 – 2. We will welcome new first year students throughout the campus.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

Room assignment and roommate notification for the fall semester will be emailed in July. Notification for the spring semester will be done in January.

May I live with my friend?

Yes, the possibility exists if each student completes a Residence Preference form requesting each other as roommates. For the fall semester enrollment the form must be submitted by May 1st and December 1st for a spring semester enrollment.  Attempts are made to accommodate requests but are not guaranteed.

Do I need a meal plan?

All students are required to have a meal plan. Freshmen and new students assigned to residence halls are required to have a full meal plan for the first year. Transfer students assigned to the apartment areas or townhouse area are required to have a minimum meal plan. There are also other meal plan options available. For more information on dining services visit their Web site by checking the link on the housing cost/fees page or telephone, 603.645.9710.

How do you choose who is going to live where?

Assignments are completed based on paid deposit date first in addition to the information provided by the student from the Residence Preference form. Consideration is given to the choice of area.

Returning Students:

When can returning students move back to campus?

Fall opening will be September 1st and 2nd. The Office of Residence Life will welcome returning students throughout campus.

Can I change my meal plan?

Returning students can raise or lower their meal plan during the first two to three weeks of school which coincides with the open room change period. After that, changes can be made for the following semester only. The meal plan form can be obtained from Dining Services or Residence Life.

All Students:

May I have a microwave?

Microwaves are not permitted in the residences. The Residence Life office in conjunction with the Student Government Association has a program that offers the Microfridge, a combination refrigerator and microwave. If you are interested in renting a Microfridge, you may contact New England Student Services at or by telephone at 401.405.0920.  Our registration code for the site is 9481.

What is the area code?

New Hampshire currently has one area code which is 603.

Is there co-ed housing?

All residence halls are co-ed by room with the exception of one floor in Washington Hall which is female. Co-ed floors have separate bathrooms for men and women.  The East Side Apartment Area (Lincoln and Conway Halls) are co-ed by room. 

How does the meal plan work?

The meal plan is a declining balance plan which is part of the student identification card. This works similar to a debit card.

May I move into my residence early?

Students should not expect to move in any earlier than the published check in time.  

I received my housing assignment – can I make a change before I arrive?

Availability of rooms determines if room changes may be completed. September entry has the most housing assignments usually meaning limited flexibility. Students may request a change, in writing, prior to arrival but should not assume that it will be completed.

Are there carpeted rooms?

There is a mixture of carpeted and non-carpeted areas.  Refer to the residence life amenities page for a description of all residential areas.

Is there air conditioning?

The buildings are not air conditioned and the University policies do not allow for the installation of personal air conditioner units in any residence building.  The East Side Residence Halls Area (Hampton and Windsor Halls) are air conditioned.

Are there window treatments?

Traverse rods and drapes are provided on the windows.

Should I bring a lamp?

Yes, the university does not supply desk lamps. Each room has an entry light above the door. This light is not meant to light the entire room, only the entry.

What should I bring? What should I not bring?

Refer to the What to Bring/What Not to Bring page.

May I see my room prior to arrival?

During the academic year all rooms are assigned which precludes the showing of a room. However, if the Admission office has a showroom that is available, that room can be viewed. Contact the Admission Office at 603.645.9611 to arrange for a tour. Approximate room dimensions are available on our Web site on the Amenities page.

May I bring a car?

Students are allowed to have vehicles on campus. Parking decals must be obtained from the Public Safety Department, Belknap Hall.

What about property insurance?

Students can purchase property insurance coverage through National Student Services at Students can apply for coverage or renew and modify existing coverage as well as obtain information that they will need about these programs.

May I bring a bed, my own mattress, desk?

All university furniture must remain in the location in addition to any furniture brought in. Students are financially responsible for university furniture that is missing or damaged.

Should I bring an answering machine?

All phone lines have voice-mail included. An answering machine is not necessary.

What is a suite?

A suite is a grouping of double and single rooms in a residence hall that has a common lounge and separate sex bathrooms.

When are the undergraduate and graduate semester break and spring break?

Refer to the University calendar. All residences are closed during the break. Resident students will be notified via flyers and electronically about closing issues.

What size small refrigerator may I bring?

Refrigerators should be no larger than 3.5 cubic feet.

What do I do if I don’t get along with my roommate?

The live-in staff, Resident Assistants and Residence Directors are there to help you get through this. You should contact your residence director if you are having concerns or conflicts with your roommate to help you resolve the situation. If this mediation does not work, your residence director can process information on a room change.

What is open room change?

There are three open room change periods during the academic year. This is when room change requests are processed by the Assistant Director in the Central Office of Residence Life. During all other times of the academic year, the Residence Directors make room changes both within their own areas and outside their areas. Single room requests are managed only by the Assistant Director of Housing Operations in the Central Office of Residence Life.

May I cook in my room?

Cooking facilities are provided in the apartment and the townhouse area. There are no cooking facilities in the residence halls. Students are not allowed to have a microwave.  An option would be the Microfridge.  This is a combination refrigerator and microwave which can be rented by contacting New England Student Services at or by telephone at 401.405.0920. Our registration code for the site is 9481.

Do you allow pets?

The only pets allowed are fish.