Degree in Three

Earn Your Degree in Three Years

Earn your business degree in just three years - without taking evening, weekend or summer classes. Introducing SNHU's Degree in Three, an innovative program that lets you earn your BS in Accounting/Finance, Business Administration, Economics/Finance, Hospitality Business, International Business, Marketing, Operations and Project Management, Accounting, Fashion Merchandising and Management or Sport Management in six semesters.

What makes the program unique is that it combines the same general education and business core coursework of our four-year programs, with invaluable learning experiences that take place out of the classroom. You'll learn firsthand exactly how theory is applied in real-world settings by participating in on-campus workshops, civic events in the community, and team-based projects.

By earning your degree a year early, you’ll also save tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and room and board. And you’ll essentially have an “extra year” to:

  • Launch your career - and start earning a living - a year before your peers
  • Earn a graduate degree during your fourth year and gain valuable leadership skills by staying involved with SNHU’s clubs and organizations
  • Study abroad at prestigious universities in Ireland, Italy, Greece or one of SNHU’s other European partner institutions 
  • Take courses you’ve always been interested in so you can maintain your athletic eligibility and finish up your playing career at SNHU 
  • Gain leadership skills by immersing yourself in campus events and activities
  • Volunteer for a nonprofit organization, spend a year traveling, or immerse yourself in one of your passions

The Degree in Three program blends the same core and major courses required of our four-year programs, with unique out-of-classroom learning experiences, so you earn the 120-credits needed to graduate in just six semesters, instead of eight.

While Degree in Three provides a clear path to graduation, you have tremendous flexibility in how you shape that path. Each fall and spring semester, you will take five 3-credit courses, made up of business and general education core classes, as well as your major courses. To round out your schedule, you will complete out-of-classroom experiences so you can learn hands-on skills.

By blending core business and liberal arts courses taught in the classroom, with hands-on learning experiences that take place out of the classroom, SNHU's Degree in Three bridges the gap between knowledge and how to apply it. Through these integrated learning experiences, you’ll graduate with enhanced skills including:

  • A thorough understanding of the issues, trends, and challenges facing professionals in your major
  • The ability to solve problems critically and creatively
  • Analytical skills, including understanding how to use data and statistical techniques to solve real-world problems
  • Exceptional written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience that you can use in your portfolio
  • Proven ability to work effectively as a member of a team

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