Degree in Three Years - How it Works

Degree in Three is designed so that each year builds on the one before it, creating a progressive path of learning and growing. What makes the Degree in Three program unique is that it combines the same general education and business core coursework of our four-year programs, with invaluable learning experiences that take place outside of the classroom. This program emphasizes the essential business competencies and incorporates a collaborative approach between students, professors and the business community. You'll learn firsthand exactly how theory is applied in real-world settings by participating in on-campus experiences, business and civic events in the community, and team-based projects.

To give you a better understanding of what you can expect, here is an overview:

  • Year 1 - You'll engage in a series of on campus experiences and activities through which you begin to develop an understanding of core business theories and practices. You'll begin exploring your major and other business disciplines and engaging in the college experience.
  • Year 2 - You'll move from the spectator role to that of a participant as you engage in civic events and get involved with organizations off campus. You'll also develop your skills as you attend professional development workshops and events as you prepare for life after graduation.
  • Year 3 - Your focus turns to teamwork as you and your classmates investigate and analyze a real challenge a local business or community faces and create a solution. Participating in industry events and other learning opportunities will help you synthesize your college experience and career preparation.

Writing assignments and “Huddle” discussions will allow you to reflect on these experiences and discuss knowledge gained throughout your three years in the program. You'll also take part in a colloquium with your peers and a faculty facilitator in which you'll discuss core business concepts and learn to connect theory with practice.

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