Degree in Three Years - FAQs

Can I complete an internship in the Degree in Three program?

Credit-bearing internships are required in the Marketing and Sport Management majors within Degree in Three. The Business Administration major does not require an internship, but you are still able to pursue the internship experience if you would like.

Can I complete a minor?

Degree in Three students do not have any free elective credits to use towards a minor. However, students may opt to take additional courses outside of the program to complete a minor of their choosing.

Do I have time for a Division II sport?

Absolutely. This program was created with our traditional SNHU student in mind. Students will be able to hold a part-time job, get involved or be an active participant on one of our Division II athletic teams

Are my admission "merit" scholarships still applicable to the Degree in Three program?

Yes, any merit or need-based scholarship you receive as part of the Admission or Financial Aid process is for full-time undergraduate education at SNHU.

Do I have any summer, weekend, or night classes?

This program is designed to be completed over six traditional undergraduate semesters – no summers, nights or weekends required. However, if you would like to take summer courses or complete an internship over the summer – that is up to you.

Does it cost more?

You are charged the traditional undergraduate day tuition for each year you attend SNHU. The cost savings of the fourth year is passed directly onto you.

What happens if I am overwhelmed by the work?

Our academic support services at SNHU are tremendous. They are geared towards supporting all student populations – including Degree in Three. If you are overwhelmed by the work in the program, you will have an outlet to share this information in the Huddle (where you will be surrounded by other Degree in Three students, just like you). If it is too much for you to handle, you can always transition into the traditional four-year track of your program or another major of your choosing.

How can I ensure that I get the classes that I need to graduate within six semesters?

Students work with designated Degree in Three advisors within their major and receive priority registration to ensure students can earn their graduation requirements within six semesters.

Will I be in classes with other Degree in Three students?

You will take classes with other undergraduate-seeking students (these students may be in an Associates program, a Degree in Three program, our traditional four-year program, etc.) Outside of your traditional courses, you will have specific Degree in Three requirements, such as attending the “Huddle” and major-specific course requirements/experiences for your respective Degree in Three program.

What is the Huddle?

The Huddle is a 45-minute weekly meeting time for Degree in Three students to meet with their faculty facilitator. Degree in Three Business Administration, Marketing and Sport Management majors will be mixed together. Students will complete this year-long experience and earn 2.5 credits each semester for their attendance at meetings, contributions to discussions and performance on written reflection assignments based on events that occur throughout the academic year.

Do I have to take more classes?

No. You will take five traditional courses each semester, complemented by non-seat time experiences within your major and the School of Business to complete your 120 credits within six semesters. You will never take more than five courses at one time, unless you choose to do so.

What does seat time vs. non-seat time mean?

Seat time refers to courses completed in a traditional manner. Non-seat time refers to coursework completed outside of the classroom through experiences, internships, projects, etc.

What happens in my fourth year?

Your options are limitless. You can start a full-time job, travel the world, volunteer, stay on campus for a fourth year with your peers by earning your graduate degree or venture off to another institution to earn your masters.

What happens to my credits if I decide that the Degree in Three program is not for me or if I decide to transfer out?

All courses and Degree in Three required experiences are mapped to specific courses at SNHU, thus granting you a transcript of coursework to transfer internally or externally to an accredited institution.

What is the admission criteria for Degree in Three?

Typically, we recommend students possess a 2.5 high school GPA or better to enter the Degree in Three program. Prospective/Accepted students should email Corri Wilson at to indicate their interest/change of major prior to May 1.


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