ILE Admission Requirements

Admission to the Intensive English Program (IEP) is open to anyone who has completed secondary school and who has already acquired low-intermediate level English proficiency (approximately 370-400 or 77-97 Computerized TOEFL scores). Applicants must complete an application and give evidence of financial support.

If you want to apply for admission to the Intensive English Program(IEP), please note:

  • The registration date.
  • The fee schedule.
  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age.
  • Admission to the IEP does not constitute admission to SNHU for academic study; academic admission requires direct application to the SNHU Office of Admissions.
  • All Students are required to purchase Insurance when they register.
  • Early enrollment is advised.

To be considered for admission, please send:

  • International Application Form (completed and signed).
  • Financial Statement ---- A separate Financial Statement must also be submitted in addition to the completed Financial Certification section on the application form. You must submit both the completed financial section on application and separate financial statement.
  • If you are currently in the United States, please send a photocopy of your current I-20 or IAP-66 and visa page from your passport.
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