Michael Allsop

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Michael Allsop, Class of 2013
The professors definitely know the industry in and out

Although Michael Allsop came to SNHU with the idea of one day designing video games, he delved into myriad academic interests during his four years on campus. 

A Milford, Conn., resident, Allsop graduated with a degree in graphic design and minors in game design, information technology, art history and applied mathematics.

"I found out that there are more opportunities with the graphic design major compared with game design," he says. "I can do advertising, marketing, Web design and other things."

Allsop gained experience in the field through an internship with Intellisoft Group, a medical credentialing software company in Nashua, N.H.

"I did anything visual for the company," he says. "I created a trade-show booth, a client log-in screen, brochures and pamphlets. I also did some logo work and helped them solidify their brand."

Allsop also explored multiple extracurricular interests at SNHU, serving as general manager of Radio SNHU, the university's Web-based radio station; a Student Government Association senator; and a mentor for SNHU's Residential Learning Communities.

As he embarks on a career, Allsop has contemplated parlaying his graphic-design training and radio experience into work in the advertising and promotions for a commercial radio station. And his original aspiration certainly isn't off the table.

"My ideal job would probably be to work for Nintendo," he says. "I would still go down the game-design path if the right opportunity opens up."  

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