SNHU Announces New Initiatives to Foster Student Success

Thursday, March 27, 2014
SNHU Communications Office

Southern New Hampshire University announces an online tuition freeze and restructuring of online undergraduate and graduate course terms, two key initiatives to better meet students’ needs. These initiatives are reflective of the university's ongoing efforts to make higher education accessible and affordable, while providing students with the service and support they need to succeed.

SNHU's decision to freeze tuition for its online courses will mark the third consecutive year that tuition for undergraduate and graduate courses taken online or at the university’s regional centers has remained at the same level. The tuition freeze is also inclusive of the institution’s nationally recognized Advantage Program.

This decision follows a report earlier in March regarding the one-year anniversary of SNHU’s new bookstore initiative, which saved students $2M in its first year, and it is the latest example of the university’s commitment to lowering costs for higher education.

In addition to the online tuition freeze the university is also announcing an update to the online undergraduate and graduate academic calendar.

  • For undergraduates, beginning with the June 23, 2014 term start, there will be six nine-week terms with five-day breaks in between.
  • For graduate students, beginning with the June 16, 2014 term start, there will be five ten-week terms with a full week’s break in between.

These changes will allow students additional days to complete final assignments and time to "catch their breath" between terms.

"A key part of our mission is our dedication to student success," said Amelia Manning, VP Advising and Student Success. "We believe that giving undergraduate students regular breaks between terms will help with course fatigue, while providing additional opportunity in the last module of the term to work with instructors as they complete final assignments."

The online tuition freeze and undergraduate term extension are just two recent examples of the university’s ongoing efforts to make higher education accessible and affordable.  Students are encouraged to continue to share feedback on these improvements with their academic advisor and in the annual Student Satisfaction survey.

Bachelor's tuition data are based on data published on competitor websites, 3/3/2014 and are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. Master's tuition data are based on published credit requirements and credit costs for online MBA programs. Individual institutions may charge fees in addition to published tuition costs. Rates are subject to change.

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