Public Safety Education

The key to preventing crime is awareness. Most incidents on university campuses can be avoided if students, faculty and staff members take basic precautions such as walking together at night, using the escort service, and keeping residence hall doors locked.

Safety is reinforced through informal conversations and regular educational programs presented by Public Safety, Residence Life and the Wellness Center. These programs cover topics such as safety awareness, self defense, residence hall security, substance abuse, drunk driving, and sexual assault.

SNHU encourages the reporting of any suspicious activity or criminal incident to the Office of Public Safety, the Manchester Police Department, or the Hooksett Police Department. There are several public access emergency call boxes located throughout the campus. Emergency telephone numbers are printed within this brochure. Please notify Public Safety if you find an inoperative call box.

All such reports received by public safety are documented in an "Incident Report," which will also contain the on-duty officer’s response and any further information gathered at the scene. All incident reports are read on a daily basis by the director of public safety who conducts further investigations as needed. They are then reviewed by the vice president for student affairs.

We update this and other security publications periodically and provide them to all students and employees, as well as to applicants for admission. Additional detailed information is distributed to each student and staff member by public safety. Voice mail and the Internet are also used for this purpose.

In an emergency on or near campus that may affect the safety or well-being of the university community, the vice president for student affairs or his designee will provide timely and pertinent information to the group concerned. Depending on the situation, the information may be released by special "Security Alerts," voice mail or in meetings. At the discretion of the vice president for student affairs, students’ parents may be notified.

Through contact with the Manchester and Hooksett Police Departments, the university will monitor and take note of any criminal activity by any off-campus student organizations recognized by the university.

Southern New Hampshire University's residential and non-residential buildings are thoroughly equipped with combinations of sprinkler systems, smoke and heat detectors, fire hose connections and extinguishers, which are at all key locations and are easily accessible. All of our fire suppressant systems meet or exceed current codes.

Unannounced fire drills are conducted each semester and any deficiencies found are immediately addressed.

Resident Assistants and Public Safety officers are trained in hands-on fire suppression.

All fire alarm systems are wired into or radio dispatched to the Manchester and Hooksett fire departments. Also, most are wired directly to the campus Public Safety Office, enabling prompt response.

Fire hydrants are located strategically for quick response and adequate supply of water.


  • Brochures distributed at orientation and prior to scheduled breaks.
  • Engraving tools supplied to mark valuables.
  • Security Alerts publicized as the situation warrants.
  • Workshops/Seminars on safety.
  • Southern New Hampshire University Student Handbook.
  • Safe Winter Driving Workshop.
  • Sex Offender List Access.