Public Safety Prevention/Security Features

SNHU Alerts: SNHU Alerts is an optional emergency alert text messaging service for students, faculty and staff. SNHU Alerts is just one method the university will use to communicate emergency information. SNHU uses this notification system to send alerts about crisis situations affecting the SNHU community as well as closings, cancellations or delays of office hours or classes. Register for SNHU Alerts at to have text messages sent to up to two cell phone numbers and two Email addresses.    

Uniformed Public Safety officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day. Our officers are trained in crime prevention, fire prevention, investigations, and security patrolling, first aid and general services. Our officers work closely with the Manchester and Hooksett police and fire departments. A spirit of cooperation is maintained as we work hand-in-hand to keep the campus and the adjoining communities safe.

SNHU encourages the reporting of any crime, emergency, suspicious conditions or suspicious subjects to the Office of Public Safety and local law enforcement. In accordance with established policy, local law enforcement agencies will take charge of investigations or arrests involving felonies or serious misdemeanors, unless both they and the university agree to deal with the situation otherwise.

Use of Video Surveillance Cameras on Campus: The Southern New Hampshire University Public Safety Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life to the campus community by integrating the best practices of public and private security. A critical component of our comprehensive security plan is using video surveillance. Its primary purpose is to deter crime and to assist the Public Safety officers in protecting the safety and property of our university community. Video monitoring for public safety purposes will be conducted in a professional, ethical and legal manner. On campus video monitoring of areas is limited to locations that do not violate an individual's reasonable expectation of privacy as defined by state law. For example, camera locations are in public places such as building entry ways, parking lots and some roadways. personnel involved in the use of video surveillance cameras will be properly trained and supervised.

Gatehouse: On nights, weekends, and holidays, public safety officers provide SNHU with extra security by staffing a gatehouse (for the western part of campus.), from which all vehicular traffic and its passengers can be monitored. The gatehouse may be vacant if the attendant is called upon to assist with an emergency or other duties.

Student IDs: Students are required to show their ID when requested by any university official, and should expect to be asked whenever returning to campus. All vehicles must display the appropriate parking decal or pass.

Residence Halls: The Office of Residence Life, in conjunction with the facilities and public safety departments, provides security for the residence areas by installation of dead bolts in all students' residences, provision of public access emergency call boxes, and extensive exterior lighting of walkways and parking lots. The residence halls have a dual locking system that includes external and room door locks. In addition to these systems, the university staffs its residence areas with resident assistants and resident directors.

Lighting: The quantity and effectiveness of campus lighting is surveyed regularly. Appropriate measures to correct or improve lighting are taken.

Campus Escort Program: SNHU's Public Safety department provides a Campus Escort Program for members of the campus community. The escort service is designed to enhance students, staff and visitors safety and peace of mind, and provide a sense of security for anyone who feels uneasy while walking alone on campus. This is a walking escort service and conducted by public safety officers within campus boundaries. On occasion, this escort service may be provided within the public safety vehicle, but this is atypical. Please keep in mind that an escort is not intended to be a "taxi" service during inclement weather or late hours. In addition, there may, at times, be a short waiting period for the escort to arrive, as the Public Safety Officer has many patrol functions he or she is responsible for. Every effort will be made to accommodate a student's need for an escort in the quickest time frame possible.

We encourage all members of the SNHU to walk with a friend during evening and early morning hours. When this is not possible, please consider using the Campus Escort Program. In the instance that all officers are in the field, please allow 6 rings for a radio - telephone response.

Engraving Services: You should mark your valuables. Clearly marked possessions have little value to a thief. You may borrow engravers from the Office of Public Safety at no charge.