Sexual Assault Victims Services

Sexual assault is an issue of increasing concern for colleges and universities throughout the country. Southern New Hampshire University is committed to preventing sexual assaults and to providing prompt and professional services to all members of the SNHU community.

Sexual assaults which involve penetration, or sexual contact which results in serious psychological and/or physical injury, are felonies under New Hampshire law. Those who violate the law and the university's rules are subject to stringent penalties.

If a victim of sexual assault wishes to report an assault and to have the matter prosecuted, the Office of Public Safety will assist in bringing cases of sexual assault before a court of law. Whether or not a victim of a sexual assault wishes not to have the case prosecuted through the criminal justice system, a complaint can be made through the university disciplinary system in addition to, or in place of, criminal prosecution or civil action. In all cases, confidential crisis intervention and counseling services are available through SNHU's Wellness Center.

Where there is reasonable cause to believe that a member of the university community has violated regulations prohibiting sexual assault, the university may reprimand, suspend, or expel that person. Disciplinary action will be taken whether the criminal conduct occurs on or off campus.

Anyone with questions or concerns about individual cases of sexual assault or about sexual assault generally should address them to the Wellness Center, the Office of Public Safety, the YWCA Crisis Services, or the Student Affairs Division .

Contact Us

Public Safety:
On Campus Extension: 9700
(wait at least six rings for radio-telephone response.)

Police, Fire or Ambulance:
Off campus:
On campus: 8 + 911

Crisis Management Team
SNHU Emergency Preparedness

Crisis Support Numbers

Wellness Center: 645.9679.645.9616

Student Affairs: 645.9608

YWCA Crisis Service Hotline: 645.2299

Catholic Medical Center Emergency Room: 626.2478

Elliot Hospital: 669.5300