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Why Choose a Degree in International Business?

International Business, as an academic field, identifies, describes and assesses business phenomena in a  variety of cultural, political, social and economic contexts. It bridges across contexts and lays the foundation for superior business practices. International Business research informs policy makers, managers and enhances the potential for businesses to make positive contributions to society.

The principal objective of an International Business program is to prepare aspiring students for careers in globally integrated for-profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as for cross-border entrepreneurial pursuits. More specifically, our students gain necessary analytical skills, knowledge and intellectual versatility to succeed in careers involving international market analysis, global business development, consulting, international banking and finance in any country and culture. It offers exciting career opportunities for open minded students in a wide range of industries.

Students completing an International Business degree at SNHU will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to:

  • Manage imports and exports in small and large enterprises 
  • Conduct research to identify business opportunities abroad
  • Negotiate cross-border sales and distribution contracts, licensing and franchising agreements
  • Devise entry and market penetration strategies for foreign markets
  • Devise financial, commercial, political and cultural risk management strategies
  • Plan and facilitate international business development
  • Prepare employees for foreign assignments and business dealings
  • Explore and implement ethical behavior and standards for international operations

Earn Your Degree in Three Years

You also have the option of earning your bachelor’s degree in just three years through our innovative Degree in Three program. Combining traditional classroom studies with unique out-of-classroom learning experiences, Degree in Three lets you:

  • Graduate in three years (six semesters) without taking weekend, summer or extra courses.
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  • Start earning a living a year before your peers.
  • Use your “fourth year” to pursue your passions, study abroad, complete an international internship, get involved in campus activities, or continue to participate in Division II athletics as a graduate student.
  • Potentially save over $40,000 in tuition and room and board.

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