3Year Honors Program in Business (BS)

Go for the Challenge – and the Savings

Prepare to be a business leader in three years with Southern New Hampshire University’s one-of-a-kind 3Year Honors Program in Business Administration. Use the fourth year to earn your master's degree or start your career.

The program:

  • Saves you a year of tuition and college cost—up to $40,000.
  • Merges business, technology and the liberal arts for a well-rounded university education.
  • Is custom-designed to be completed in six semesters.
  • Does not require night, weekend or overload courses.
  • Emphasizes transferrable skills and applied learning.
  • Is not a four-year program condensed into three years.
  • Is part of the University Honors Program.

A Unique Approach

Classes are interdisciplinary "modules" rather than traditional three-credit courses, taught in the time frame of the regular semester. You will take all your courses with the other three-year students in your year, but live (or commute) and participate in activities with students from across the university, just like your peers. You will earn the same number of credits – 120 – as students in four-year bachelor’s degree programs.

The program integrates course content into unique learning experiences; courses satisfy general education and major requirements. For example, instead of taking Public Speaking as a separate course, three-year honors students fulfill the public speaking requirement through required class, client and public presentations. The program also incorporates liberal arts and business courses.

Applying What You Learn

Each semester you will participate in a weeklong "integrating experience," a group project in which you will use what you have learned to solve real business challenges.

Third-year students act as consultants, completing projects for real companies and organizations, through the New Paradigm Design experience. Students recently have worked with American Express, Camp Sunshine and Delta Mu Delta, gaining valuable professional and academic experience.

University Accreditation

SNHU is a fully accredited university. Access our list of accreditations. More...

Contact Us

Kyle Viator
Director, 3Year Honors Program
Email: k.viator@snhu.edu
Phone: 603.626.9100 x3321