Business Administration (BBA)


The 3+1 BBA program is designed as a degree pathway for three groups of students

  • Students who have completed three-year Bachelor’s degrees who want to attend our Master’s degree programs and need a fourth year.
  • Students who have completed three-year diplomas with the equivalent of 90 credits.
  • Students in four-year Bachelor’s degree programs who want to get a Bachelor’s degree from the U.S., and, in cases where we have cooperative agreements, earn degrees from both universities.

Courses may be taken on campus, online or any combination.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) requires a minimum of 30 credits to complete our Bachelor’s degree. Students who have at least 90 completed credits (of which 30 must be in Business) can complete their final year at SNHU and earn a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. The course requirements are very flexible and require at least five General Education courses including two English composition courses. All English requirements must be fulfilled by providing TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores. Students needing further Intensive English will require additional course work. Another five courses must be in business. One required course will be Strategic Management along with four upper level Business classes which may be chosen from Accounting, Finance, Organizational Leadership, Marketing, Operations and Project Management, International Business and IT. Any prerequisites for these advanced level courses would have to be met as additional courses.

Required Core Courses

ENG-070: Research and Academic Skills
This course focuses on the basic research skills required of an undergraduate student, including the following: choosing an appropriate topic for research, conducting preliminary research, writing a research proposal, and drafting and revising a research paper. Instruction in library research methods (conducting paper, database, and internet searches, as well as evaluating internet sources) is a major focus of this course. Also included are the academic skills of summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and documenting sources. This course is offered in conjunction with ENG 071 and ENG 072.
ENG-099I: Fundamentals of Writing for International Students
This course is specifically designed for students whose primary language is not English and who have consequently have special linguistic requirements. The major objective of ENG 099I is to prepare students for success in ENG 120 through a basic and programmed approach to the acquisitions of reading skills, writing conventions and fluency in English grammar/mechanics. Students must pass the Basic Competency Examination, which is issued during finals week, before they may be admitted into ENG 120. Students also are required to take a grammar/mechanics test during the last week of instruction. ENG 099I meets four times a week. Enrollment is kept intentionally small, typically 12 students per section, to assure maximum benefit. Placement is determined by the staff of the Center for Language Education and verified by the freshman writing coordinator/department chair. Credits awarded for this course are counted in addition to the 120-credit minimum degree requirement. Offered every semester.

General Education Courses

ENG-120: College Composition I
ENG 120 is a college-level writing course that introduces students to various forms of academic discourse. Students are required to prepare essays in a variety of rhetorical modes, including exposition, description and argumentation. In addition to out-of-class writing assignments, students will be required to compose in-class essays in response to readings and other prompts. ENG 120 introduces students to process-writing techniques, library research and MLA documentation procedures. The primary focus of ENG 120 is to help students acquire the writing skills they need to succeed in an academic environment. Enrollment is kept intentionally small, typically 15 students per section, to assure maximum benefit.
ENG-200: Sophomore Seminar
This is a theme-based seminar that builds on the skills learned in SNHU-101 and ENG-120, focusing on information literacy (the ability to locate and evaluate information) as well as written and oral communication skills. The theme of the course will vary according to the instructor, but in all sections, students will conduct extensive research on the topic and communicate their knowledge in a variety of oral presentations and writing assignments that will culminate in a research paper. To be taken during the student's sophomore year.
ENG-120 or ENG-120H and sophomore standing or hono
SNHU-404: SNHU Experience: Gen Ed Capstone
This capstone course enables all SNHU learners to apply and reflect upon their general education experiences. This process culminates with the presentation of a professional portfolio that highlights and demonstrates their academic, personal and professional development throughout the SNHU 3-course sequence of SNHU Experience courses.
Take SNHU 101 or 202 and 303

SCI ELE - Students may select one Science elective
SCS ELE - Students may select one Social Science elective(excluding ECO courses)
FAS ELE - Students may select one Fine Arts elective

Business Courses

OL-421: Strategic Management and Policy
Business School Capstone Course. This interdisciplinary approach to the study of the process of strategic management includes strategic analysis planning, implementation, evaluation and control from the perspective of top management in profit-making U.S. and international corporations, and public and non- profit organizations. Text and case studies are used extensively. Writing and team intensive course. Experience with Microsoft Office or equivalent is required. Senior standing or permission of instructor.
ACC-102 or ACC-202 or ACC-214 or HTM-320 and MKT-1

BUS ELE - Students may select four (4) 300 or 400-level Business electives
*Business courses include ACC, FIN, INT, IT, MKT, OL, or SPT electives  

University Accreditation

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