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Turn your passion for reading and writing into a career. Gain the communication and research skills needed in the workplace today. Learn to think critically and write effectively. Welcome to SNHU's BA in English language and literature program.

The  BA in English language and literature degree opens up several career possibilities beyond the traditional roles of writers and teachers. English language and literature majors also go on to become lawyers, politicians, marketing communication professionals, historians, museum curators, and nonprofit directors, just to name a few.

Lively and Interactive Classes
Classes — which are offered on our Manchester campus and online — are generally small. The literature courses, for example, average about 20 students and the writing courses just about 15 students. This allows professors to keep the classes lively and highly interactive. You won't ever find yourself sitting in a huge auditorium, struggling to follow along with a lecture. In fact, some of the most unique learning opportunities might take place out of the classroom.

Because of SNHU's ideal location in the heart of New England, the birthplace of American literature, professors often build in visits to historic literary sites such as Walden Pond to add depth to the subject matter.

The program includes an extensive overview of American and British literature and a sampling of world literature. You'll also be required to take courses in linguistics, grammar, advanced nonfiction writing and the works of Shakespeare. Optional courses include Greco-Roman and medieval literature and writing workshops in poetry, fiction, journalism and drama.

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