Health Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Health Services?

Full-time students undergraduate day and Face to Face graduate students with a complete medical history form on file with Health Services are eligible for medical services. Medical records are required at the time of entry. Forms can be obtained by contacting the Wellness Center at 603.645.9679.

Is our conversation confidential?

All visits are confidential except when disclosure is required by law. Examples are if you report a child is being abused or neglected, if you report that you know of someone  or are yourself going to harm someone or if you report a hazing incident. Information is shared only if a student provides consent

Is there a cost for using Health Services?

There is no cost associated with seeing a nurse in the Wellness Center. Lab work conducted in the office (e.g. throat culture) will be billed directly to you by the laboratory analyzing the test. There may be a small fee for a rapid strep test or urine analysis performed in the Wellness Center. Students referred off campus for additional services will be billed by the facility providing the service.

What services are available if I'm sick at night or on the weekend?

Health services are not available during night or weekend hours. If you are unsure about the seriousness of your condition or how you might treat it contact Public Safety at 603.645.9700. In the event of a health situation that needs immediate attention, you are encouraged to use one of the two area hospitals: Elliott Hospital 603.669.5300 or Catholic Medical Center 603.668.3545.

Is there a physician on campus?

The university contracts with a local physician, who determines the medical protocols that Health Services will follow. The physician works within a local urgent care facility and can be seen at the facility when necessary. The cost of the office visit is your responsibility as are any medical tests or referrals to a specialist.

The physician is also available by phone for consultation with the nurses regarding prescription needs and treatment plans. The physician does not hold office hours on campus.

I've missed class due to illness. Will the Wellness Center write a note for my instructor?

Health Services staff do not issue notes for absences due to illness. Staff will speak with instructors regarding absences that they medically recommended. Discussions between staff and instructors will only take place with your permission and being mindful of confidentiality. Staff will NOT discuss the specifics of your medical circumstance with instructors or other university officials. They will only indicate whether an absence was warranted and prescribed.

I've been reading a lot about meningitis cases on college campuses. Should I get immunized?

At this time, the institution does not require immunization against meningitis; however, it is strongly recommended as the risk of contraction is higher for the college population. Questions about immunization should be directed to your personal physician or to a Health Services staff member.

Does the Wellness Center provide transportation off-campus for medical care?

The Wellness Center does not provide transportation except in unusual circumstances. In instances when you are unable to find a ride, cab and local bus service are available as options. Please talk with a Health Services professional if the cost of transportation is a factor.

In cases requiring emergency medical attention and transportation, Health Services staff will call an ambulance.

How can I get a prescription?

The Wellness Center does not renew medications for chronic or ongoing conditions. Arrangements should be made to transfer the prescription to a  local pharmacy or for ongoing care from a local physician.

To obtain a prescription for an acute condition you must first meet with the Nurse Practitioner in Health Services who will assess your condition and determine if a prescription is necessary.  If the Nurse Practitioner is not available the nurse will consult with the University Physician and if warranted, the doctor will order medicine at a local pharmacy.

It is your responsibility to pick up your prescription. If you live on campus and are not able to find transportation, you can use local services described above .

You should confer with a Health Services professional regarding the specifics of your insurance plan. Please check the appropriate insurance brochure to determine prescription coverage.

It's the weekend and I need information for a paper. Do you have a Web site?

The Wellness Center has an extensive Web site with information on our various services, alternative medicine, community resources, contact information and much more. In addition, there are e-links to many national organizations for health-related topics. These e-links are found by going to the resources section of our Web site.

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