Health Insurance for International Students

Health Insurance Brochure & Claim Form for International Students

SNHU requires all students to be covered by medical and health insurance. Foreign student must purchase the SNHU Group Policy (which gives students an excellent rate). Exceptions will be made only for students under government sponsorship where insurance is provided.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some routine health issues that insurance will NOT pay for?

Your insurance will not pay for yearly physicals, routine dental care, eye exams, hearing tests, physical therapy, chiropractic care, routine acupuncture, or acne. Other exclusions are listed in the insurance brochure.

Does the insurance pay for alternative treatments?

Your insurance will only pay for acupuncture and physical therapy if you are hospitalized and the treatment is prescribed by your doctor.

Will insurance pay for injuries that occur from the use of alcohol or illicit drugs?

Your insurance will not pay claims that are the direct result of alcohol or illicit drugs.

Will insurance pay for injuries sustained while in an auto accident?

If you have auto insurance, your health insurance WILL NOT pay any expenses resulting from an auto accident. If you do not have auto insurance, your health insurance will pay for your bills if the use of alcohol or illicit drugs was not a factor in the accident.

What do I do with bills if I have to go to a doctor or the emergency room?

Bring your bills to Health Services during regular office hours. You must complete an insurance claim form in order for the insurance company to process and pay your bills.