School of Arts and Science Course Requirements

At Southern New Hampshire University, the School of Arts and Sciences serves students in their quest for a productive education, meaningful work, and a life that takes account of the common good. The School of Arts and Sciences is founded on the fundamental notion that a comprehensive education encourages curiosity, elevates conscience, and responds to community needs. The broad scope of the liberal arts opens many paths of life and work, and helps students to understand the deepest forms of human expression. By connecting the humanities, science, fine arts, mathematics, technology, and social inquiry, students engage creative energies and develop problem-solving capacities. Each major requires an additional nine credits, or three courses, in the arts and sciences to be taken outside the disciplinary fields of the major. Thus, Arts and Sciences majors are able to explore the relevant disciplines in depth as well as broader implications which will prepare students for any number of career choices.

Arts & Science Core

Arts and Science courses outside the disciplinary fields of the major as determined by the faculty - 9 credits