HS Partnership Information for Students

What is the Southern New Hampshire University High School Partnership Program?
Often the young people of today see university education as unachievable. Concerned about academic ability or uncertain about expenses, too many high school students do not perceive university education as a realistic goal. The Southern New Hampshire University Partnership Program is a program which accepts applications from the sophomore class of students who are interested in making university a realistic goal.

What can the Partnership Program do for me?
The Partnership Program makes a commitment to each of its members to keep you on course with the university application time-line from your sophomore year through to high school graduation. Through your three year commitment with the program we will remind you and your parents of events, university application deadlines, financial aid information nights, SAT/ACT exam dates and more, to make your transition to university a smooth one.

During the school year, students will meet weekly with SNHU staff at your high school, have access to peer tutoring and peer mentors, be involved in community service and the five week summer academic program to assist you while on your way to university!

The five week summer academic program will assist you with additional helpful initiatives that will make you more college eligible.  As a junior, you will take part in the Junior Achievement Company Program.  This business based curriculum will allow you and your classmates the ability to open, run and liquidate your own business within five weeks!  As a senior, you will be taking an SAT prep class that will focus on math, English and essay writing skills.  With time permitting on your weekly schedule, you will have an opportunity to take a university course right her at the SNHU campus.  This is a great way to build your scholarship resume and meet new friends from each of the six high schools participating in the program. 

How many people have been through the program?
Since 1993 over 341 students have been involved in the Partnership Program. Of those students, about 98% of them have graduated from high school or received their GED. Over 83% of those students go to college or a training program after they graduate.

Every fall presentations are made at each of the six high schools to recruit additional students to join our program. Parents and students can contact the guidance office in order to obtain more information about this program and the time the presentations will take place. 

An application is also necessary for admittance into the Partnership Program and can be obtained in your school Guidance Office.