Curriculum - 3Year Honors Program in Business (B.S.)

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Erica Solomon '12, '13

SNHU's 3Year Honors Program in Business Administration isn’t a four-year program compressed into three years. You can save a year of tuition and other college costs with no weekend, break, summer or overload courses. You can enjoy college life and participate in student activities and athletics, just like four-year students. 

Six Semesters, 120 Credits
You will earn 120 credits in the 3Year Honors Program, the same as students in traditional four-year bachelor’s degree programs. You will attend for two 15-week semesters each year for three years, from early September until early May – the same semester schedule four-year students follow. 

A Competency-based Approach
Material covered in the 3Year Honors Program is interdisciplinary and taught in ''modules' rather than traditional courses. For example, the Information Technology module has students taking IT100 and IT210 in one semester, but in two separate seven week formats. It is based on students developing competencies in: 

  •  communication
  • global orientation
  •  information technology
  •  legal and ethical practices
  •  problem solving
  •  research
  •  teamwork
  • strategic approaches
  • analytical skills
  • leadership 

Apply Your Knowledge
Each semester ends with a weeklong “integrating experience.” You and your classmates will work in teams on real business challenges, using the relevant knowledge you have obtained throughout the semester.

Teams of four to five students will spend the week working together on creative solutions, then present their research and recommendations to their professors, just as if they were presenting to supervisors, board members and shareholders in the business world. Grades are team-based and college credit is awarded.
Real-World Perspective
In addition to participating in the integrating experiences, three-year honors students gain valuable professional experience during their senior year by running a consulting firm, New Paradigm Design.

Student consulting teams work for professional clients, conducting research and developing creative solutions for real business challenges.

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Kyle Viator
Director, 3Year Honors Program
Phone: 603.626.9100 x3321