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Q: Will I be limited to taking business courses?

A: More than 40 percent of courses in the 3Year Honors Program are related to the liberal arts and general education, so you will get a well-rounded university education.

Q: Will I have to take courses outside of the traditional semester or extra courses to graduate in three years?

A: No! All course work takes place during the traditional semester. There are no night, weekend, summer or overload courses required.

Q: Will I have the same opportunity as traditional four-year students to take part in campus life, such as Division II sports, clubs and organizations?

A: Absolutely! In fact, many of the students in the program are athletes and/or leaders of student organizations.

Q: Are special scholarships available to students in the 3Year Honors Program?

A: Most students accepted into the 3Year Honors Program are eligible for academic and other scholarships, which can range from $1,000 to $15,000 in aid. However starting in fall 2013 all incoming 3Year students will receive an annual $2000 University Honor Program Scholarship.

Q: Will I live in the same dorm as other 3Year Honors Program students?

A: You and your classmates are fully integrated into the dorms on campus and don't have to live together unless you choose to do so.

''My initial reaction was it must take up every second of free time you have, and I want to enjoy my college experience. As I read more... I found that there are no weekend, vacation, or summer classes unlike other three year programs. I also found that I could set myself apart from others, graduate in three years and then pursue my master¹s degree. The goal was to set myself up for success and be unique with this degree. [Graduating in three years] would allow me to do just that.''
-Daniel Simard '15
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