Campus Advertising & Poster Policy

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The Office of Student Life must approve all advertising by non-university organizations in order to be posted on campus. No solicitation is allowed except with the approval of food services and the Office of Student Life for a table in the dining hall, and residence life staff for door-to-door sales in the residence areas.

Departments and offices of SNHU, as well all clubs and organizations who have attained University Recognition, have the right to advertise programs, events and fund-raising programs according to the following regulations:

General Guidelines

  • All advertising on the Southern New Hampshire University campus by Departments, University Recognized Clubs and Organizations or  individual SNHU students must be written in English or translation must be provided to the Office of Student Life. The Student Affairs Office staff must stamp each poster.
  • Quantity of advertising pieces may not exceed thirty (30) items consisting of any combination of fliers and posters for bulletin boards. The Residence Life staff allows additional copies for Residence Area distribution.
  • No poster may be hung on any wood, glass, doors or walls. All posters must be held with thumbtacks on bulletin boards.
  • Poster may only be posted on bulletin boards or bulletin strips (located in the cafeteria) that are not designated for use by specific clubs and organizations, or administrative and academic departments. Posters can be hung at the following outdoor sites only: the Quad area.
  • All posters may not be posted any earlier than thirty (30) days prior to the event, and must be removed by the club, organization or individual responsible for hanging the poster within two (2) days after the event.
  • Posters may be moved only by authorized personnel, which includes the initial hanger of the posters, the Office of Student Life/ Student Center, Office of Campus Programming and Leadership, or representatives from public safety or maintenance. Others removing posters may only be permitted if the poster has not been removed by the sponsoring organization two (2) days after the event has occurred.  
  • Posters may not make reference to alcoholic beverages, parties or contain language that the Office of Student Life determines is in conflict with the mission of Southern New Hampshire University .
  • Posters may be displayed in the residence halls, subject to the approval of each Residence Hall Director.  
  • The poster may not exceed three (3) feet in length or width. This guideline may be altered with the approval of the Office of Student Life.
  • Advertising methods other than posters and fliers are not permitted on Southern New Hampshire University property (i.e. chalk on sidewalks), unless approved by the Office of Student Life/ Student Center.
  • Departmental and office bulletin boards are exempt from the guidelines above.
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