Cooking Certificate

SNHU's cooking certificate program is for those interested in developing their baking and/or cooking skills part-time without formally enrolling in a degree program. Credits derived from successful completion of certificate courses may be transferred into the university's Associate of Applied Science in culinary arts program.

Cooking Certificate Required Courses

TCI-109: Food Purchasing
This course uses student research, lectures and guest speakers to examine the various grades, types and varieties of fresh and processed fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, shellfish, poultry, dairy products and various sundry items, and the methodology of purchasing food in large quantities. This course integrates student research with applied learning activities conducted through the Hospitality Center receiving department and Hospitality Center special events. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of centralized procurement, writing specifications, product identification, packaging and pricing. Offered every year.
Must be enrolled in the Culinary program
TCI-110: Culinary Skills and Procedures
This is a foundation course for students embarking on culinary careers. It emphasizes basic cooking techniques, culinary terminology and the proper uses of culinary tools. A typical class consists of a classroom lecture and demonstration of food preparation by the instructor followed by hands-on food production by the students. Goals of the course include learning the importance of detailed organization, or "Mise en Place;" correct cooking procedures; and appropriate attitudes towards the culinary profession as developed by the culinary program and the American Culinary Federation. Offered as needed.
Take TCI-110CO; and must be enrolled in the Culina
TCI-111: Progressive Culinary Techniques/Menu Imp
Food Production continues TCI 110 with lectures and demonstrations to strengthen students' backgrounds and knowledge of cooking techniques and their application to a variety of products. Sauce production and meat fabrication will be studied in more detail. Students also produce multicourse American menus. Appropriate readings and written assignments are included. Offered as needed.
Take TCI-111CO; TCI-110; and must be enrolled in t
TCI-113: Fundamentals of Baking
This course defines basic baking terminology, ingredients and methods. Techniques discussed in each class session are applied to the actual production of baked items, including yeast breads, puff pastry, Danish dough, quick breads, clair paste, tarts and pies. Students will be asked to analyze the components of each baked good and will learn how to evaluate the finished product. Proper sanitation and safety techniques in the bakery will be emphasized. Offered as needed.
Take TCI-113CO; and must be enrolled in the Culina
TCI-116: Safety and Sanitation
This course examines the fundamentals of sanitation in foodservice operations. Techniques of proper sanitation and safety will be studied and practiced. Students will become familiar with HACCP, Federal, State, and Local sanitation and safety requirements. Topics studied include the importance of proper sanitation procedures, purchasing and receiving of safe food. Emphasis is placed on the elimination of cross- contamination and harmful pathogens. Management strategies demonstrate the importance of the integration of pest management, employee sanitation and safety training and proper safety and security measures. The NRA Serve Safe Sanitation Exam, a degree requirement, is given to students during the course.
Must be enrolled in the Culinary program

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