Parking Permits

Parking permits are available online here. All students are required to purchase a parking permit prior to bringing their vehicle onto campus and are expected to obey all parking rules and regulations. Students must purchase a new permit every academic year.

Alumni who are students must purchase a parking permit

Annual permit fees are as follows:

  • Resident freshmen - $200.00 plus $ 4.95 handling charge
  • Returning Resident Students - $100.00 plus $ 4.95 handling charge
  • Commuter Undergrad Day Students - $50 plus $4.95 handling charge
  • Commuter Night and Weekend Students - $50 plus $4.95 handling charge

Permits are to be displayed on the lower left corner windshield of the driver’s side of the vehicle near the VIN #. Not in a tinted area. If the permit is not properly displayed, it will be considered a violation. The permit authorizes the use of the appropriate designated parking facilities.

Permits and PIN #s may not be shared between two individuals nor can they be transferred from one individual to another.

If a student obtains a new vehicle, he/she must visit and enter the new vehicle information prior to physically transferring the permit and bringing the new vehicle on campus.

Please be aware that all student lots are first-come, first-serve. A permit does not guarantee a parking space in any particular lot.

Southern New Hampshire University, its employees or agents are not responsible for damage done to, or theft of or from, motor vehicles while on University property. Vehicles and property cannot be guaranteed protection against loss of any kind. Owners should take all precautions necessary to protect their vehicles and their contents. Always lock all vehicle doors and store valuables in the trunk.

Parking Lot Locations and Designations

Available Parking Areas by Number & Letter Designation

All lots will have a letter designation indicating who may park there: * “E” East side Residents only, C- Commuter Students & CE Students, Staff/Faculty and Visitors only, F-Freshman only, W-West Residents only, L-Loading Zone.



Letter Designation Time Parking is Allowed
1 Between Belknap Hall & Athletic Center C 6AM - Midnight
2 Main Parking Lot beside Robert Frost Hall C 6AM - 1AM
3 North of Stark Hall & Library C

(W) 24 Hours (C)6AM-Midnight

4 West of Athletic Complex, south of New Castle W 24 hours
5 Lot by the river & west of Winnipesaukee W/F 24 hours
6 West of Greeley W 24 hours
7 West of Kearsarge W 24 hours
8 Around Washington Hall W

 24 hours



Between townhouses &

Between hospitality building and Attitash



24 hours


10 West of Merrimack W 24 hours
11 Parking area immediately West of Athletic Complex C 6AM-Midnight
12 East of North River Road C, CE 6AM-Midnight
13 North of Townhouses W 24 hours
14 Mt. View Road F 24 hours
15 Around Webster Hall C 6AM-Midnight
16 East of North River Road Across from Webster Hall C 6AM-Midnight
17 South of Computer Center Loading Only 24 hours
18 North & West of Soccer Field W 24 hours
19 Surrounding East Side Apartments E 24 hours
20 Surrounding Windsor & Hampton Halls E 24 hours
21 Upper Ball Field E 24 hours
22 Dining Hall Sodexo Employees Only 6AM-1AM
23 Academic Building Staff/Faculty Only 6AM-1AM
24 Softball Field C 6AM-1AM