Parking & Driving at SNHU

All Roadways Are Considered Fire Lanes

Legitimate parking spaces are paved and lined on both sides. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator.  Registrants are not guaranteed a parking space near, a residence hall, or classroom.  Lack of convenient space(s) does not constitute a valid excuse for the violation of any parking or motor vehicle regulations.

Amount of time in violation does not constitute a valid excuse for the violation of any parking regulation. The fact that another vehicle may be parked illegally over a stall line does not constitute an excuse for parking improperly.

Fire Lanes are for emergency and maintenance use only. Student parking is allowed only at the beginning and end of each semester to accommodate moving, (10 – 15 minutes max). Students must call Public Safety @ 645.9700 – give Phone #, car information prior to parking in a fire lane. Hazard lights must also be left on. The speed limit on all campus roadways and in all parking lots is not to exceed 15 mph.

Any vehicle that is improperly parked-blocking other vehicles, parked on grass or sidewalks, obstructing fire lane, fire gates or other emergency access areas, parked in areas restricted by gates or chains, etc. –is subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Any vehicle parked overnight (after midnight) in any lot other than those previously indicated or on any campus road will be ticketed. If snow removal is necessary, any vehicle parked overnight in an unauthorized lot or on any campus road will be towed at the owner's expense.

Any disabled vehicle that must be left overnight in an unauthorized lot must be reported to Public Safety. Notes left on windshields are not acceptable.   Public Safety can be reached through the campus phone system by dialing x9700.You must provide your name, campus address, phone number where you can be reached in the event your vehicle must be moved, vehicle information (make, model, license plate) and the location of your vehicle. In the case of snow removal, all disabled vehicles must be moved to an appropriate overnight lot or said vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

The registrant of the vehicle will be held responsible for parking and traffic violations in which his/her vehicle is involved, regardless of who is operating the vehicle at the time of the violation.  It is, therefore, the responsibility of the registrant to advise all those who operate his/her vehicle on campus property of all University regulations.

Operating a motor vehicle on any campus land other than designated paved roadways and lots will result in the issuance of a violation for reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

Motor vehicle regulations are in effect throughout the year to include summer housing, all breaks, weekends and holidays. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas during these times.  

No student vehicles are to be left on campus during breaks without permission from the Public Safety Office.  You must also come to the Office of Public Safety to complete a waiver form. Once permission has been granted, any vehicles left on campus during holiday weekends or breaks must be parked in the designated spot. Any vehicle left in any other lot on campus is subject to towing at the owner's expense. 

Student parking in the fire lanes is allowed only at the beginning and end of each semester to accommodate moving, (10-15 minutes max). Students must call Public Safety to receive permission, give vehicle information and leave a contact number should the vehicle need to be moved.

Students will be fined $50.00 automatically for driving or parking on a fire lane without the stated permission of a Public Safety Officer.
Handicapped parking is reserved only for the person having a disability and a state-issued permit. All roadways that are not marked with lines/stalls for parking are considered fire lanes.

No Driving or Parking is allowed in/on:

  • Bus Stops 
  • No Parking Zones
  • Walkways around the Residential Areas
  • Walkways or access ways in the Administration Building Areas
  • Landscape
  • Chained, roped off or barricaded areas
  • Spaces designated for the handicapped, without appropriate state issued plate or hang tag
  • Fire Lanes
  • Obstructing Fire Hydrants
  • In front of trash dumpsters

Students living on the East side (Lincoln, Conway, Hampton, Windsor and Tuckerman) must park on the East side only. Any vehicle improperly parked along the road or on the grass/sidewalk will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.

Handicap Parking: In order to park in a designated handicap parking space including stripped area beside, a permit issued by the state to the specific individual currently operating the vehicle must be displayed. Any person in violation of this regulation will be issued a citation. This violation carries a $75.00 fine. There is no appeal for this violation.

It is unlawful for any student, or guest to ride in the back of an open truck or be towed from a vehicle while on a skateboard, bike, etc.

Students on official business or employed at any University facility must park in their designated student parking area and walk to the particular facility or office. Students are prohibited from parking in the visitor/staff spaces.

All resident freshmen are restricted to parking in Lot 5 only. Please make note of the signs indicating where parking, both day and overnight, is allowed.  

Students are prohibited from parking in the Visitor spaces.

Note: Parking spots marked "Visitor" are only for those who are unfamiliar with the campus and only for short term visits or business contacts. They are not for students, staff, alumni, former students, those with facilities passes, registered guests or anyone displaying any SNHU vehicle identification.

Please view parking lot designations.

All campus roadways are considered fire lanes.