Live Parking

A "Live parking" policy is implemented so that students, staff or faculty may go to either the east or west sides of campus regardless of their decal designation (“W”, “E”,  “C”, or ”S/F”) for the limited purpose of picking up passengers, and for a limited amount of time (5 minutes max.)

Vehicles may live park if all of the criteria are adhered to:

  • The driver is left with the vehicle to move it should an emergency arrive

  • The vehicle does not create any unsafe conditions

  • Is not blocking any fire lanes

  • The vehicle's hazard lights are on and flashing

  • Is not live parked in a space reserved for other reasons, i.e. visitors, handicap or bus stop

  • Is not live parked for more than five minutes

Failure to adhere to all these criteria will result in a parking ticket being issued.

Live parking can be canceled at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety at any given time during the semester.

Speed Limit
The maximum allowable speed is 15 miles per hour.

All campus roadways are considered fire lanes.